Val Kilmer Confronted About Bat-Nipples!

Val Kilmer Confronted About Bat-Nipples!

MTV has an interview with ex-Batman (Batman Forever) Val Kilmer where he is confronted with his greatest embarrassment... Dark Knight Nipples!

It's a little ways in, so hang on a bit. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, the Batman part is transcribed below, but you're going to miss the part where he talks about horny midgets in "Willow."

The new Batman film opens this week. Yours ["Batman Forever"] was successful in its own right. When I say the words "bat nipples," what do you think?

Kilmer: [He pauses.] That I was right about you from the very beginning of this interview. It's always the quiet ones. Oliver Stone's carved out a space for independent filmmakers and you want to know about heroin. You see? You see what I'm saying? Do you know that "Batman" is a billion-dollar franchise? And you want to know about nipples?

Don't look at me like that. You're judging me.

Kilmer: What was the question?

Bat nipples. What do you think about when I say that?

Kilmer: Do I think about them? I told you what I think about you asking that question.
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