VIDEO: The Dark Knight Rises Press Conference

VIDEO: <i>The Dark Knight Rises</i> Press Conference

A vid and a few images from The Dark Knight Rises' press conference announcing tomorrow's filming in Pittsburgh have hit the net. Check em out!

"The Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale praised Pittsburgh but offered few details about "Batman" as the film readied to begin three weeks of production in Pittsburgh Friday.

Bale said he was looking forward to the production "and fighting on your streets as the Caped Crusader. We'll try to stay out of your hair as much as possible." said the Academy Award-winning actor who wore a slight beard, navy blue track suit and bright blue and white sneakers.

Nolan, who also co-wrote and produced the film, thanked the city and its residents for its welcome and its willingness to take some of the disruptions the filming would require.

"When you're making a large-scale action film that has to showcase the vitality and size of a large American city but also involves a certain amount of disruption to that city in order to make the action credible on screen, there needs to be a lot of cooperation from that city." Nolan said he was drawn to Pittsburgh's architecture. "It's a very beautiful city on a very impressive scale and that hasn't lost its human scale that is very impressive and very hard to find."

One of the few production details to leak out of the film, that fake snow will fly Downtown to simulate winter in Gotham City, was mentioned by Nolan. "I hope you'll all feel a tiny bit cooler." he said.

Credit to Nailbiter111 for finding this!

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