Videos of the Batwing Flying on Cables at The Dark Knight Rises Set

Videos of the <em>Batwing</em> Flying on Cables at <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em> Set

Four Videos and updates from the Los Angeles set of Christopher Nolan's latest Batman movie.


SHH's RED SKULL - stuff like papers and debris blew through the air and they had a fan on but I did not see snow...and seeing as how they got GPD in the shot, then I don't think so.

Basically the shot was Modine (we think it was him) and JGL sitting in a squad car looking up at the Batwing as it goes by as the cops train their guns on it

Gordon levitt and a blonde haired man in a brown overcoat are in a cop car as the swat have guns poised on the batwing as it flies over

Theyre swinging the batwing out on cables. About to do shots of it

The batpod sputters to a halt and he gets off and they follow. No snow in this scene

Went to watch filming today. There were a bunch of Gotham police cars and swat trucks a few blocks from where they were filming. A few people stopped to take a pictures of the vehicles, myself included. Haha. When I got there, I guess they weren't using the Gotham police officer extras at the moment so a bunch of them (I'd say 50 or so) were scattered all over hanging around looking bored. I caught some laying on a steps of a office building a few blocks from the filming site and one of them was even smoking a cigar. Haha.

The main filming area had Gotham police cars and swat tracks in the middle of the street. I was a little saddened because the PAs kept pushing us further away and I wasn't expecting to see much but then they started flying the Batwing on cables! If flew in between buildings and elevated higher as it flew at a fast pace over the Gotham police cars and swat trucks scattered in the street. It really does look massive even from where I was standing which wasn't close at all.

What I thought was a bit funny was that they wouldn't let anyone walk through the street where they were filming but you could see a lot of clubbers walking out from that area. I guess there was a club nearby where they were filming? Some of them looked tossed, including one guy who tried to pick a fight with one of the Gotham police officer extras and got pushed away by security and one girl who was completely hammered and looked like she was about to throw up as her bf was helping her walk.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th 2012 and stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Garly Oldman as Jim Gordon, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

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