The Batman (Reboot) PT:2 Jake Gyllenhaal?

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Jake Gyllenhaal rumor to be the new Batman

The Batman 2016

Movieworld Express Blogcast Show-Batman,Justice League,X-Men

We talk about the rumor of Jake Gyllenhaal to be the new batman, plus how batman is going to concet to the Justice League. Batman movie should be base on Arkham City and have robin with the Black Mask as the first villain with Hugo Strange.

Batman movie historians will note that Jake Gyllenhaal was Batman Begins writer David Goyer's first choice to play Batman, but was obviously beat out by Christopher Nolan's pick of Christian Bale. Gyllenhaal was also up for the role of Harvey "Two Face" Dent in The Dark Knight as well.

If Jake Gyllenhaal is the new Batman, then by all accounts he will go on to star in the 2016 Batman reboo

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Uploaded 10/5/2012
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