What the Batmobile Almost Looked Like in "Batman Forever."

What the Batmobile Almost Looked Like in "Batman Forever."

How would you have felt about seeing the Batmobile designed in this manner in "Batman Forever?" Plus you can view transitions made by the Batmobile over the years from 1941 through the present.

Over the years, Batman's most frequently used vehicle, the Batmobile, has gone through several alterations. Whether it be from television series to the first theatrical film release of 1989 or the changes made from the 1989 film to "The Dark Knight."

When "Batman Forever" was being developed in 1994, the studio asked for the help of designer HR Giger to create his interpretation of the famous Batmobile. Giger is responsible for designing on such films as "Dune," "Alien," "Aliens 3" and "Species."

His style is clearly one of a nightmarish element. So when asked to design the vehicle, he created the following:

As you can see, the images are drastic changes from what we are familiar with. In fact, the vehicle appears of alien origin in my opinion.

Here's a brief trip down memory lane for those who need a visual display of the Batmobile from over the years.

The first Batmobile that appeared in 1941

the Batmobile used in the television series that ran from 1966-1979

The Batmobile used in Superfriends cartoon series from 1973-1977

The Batmobile used in Challenge of the Superfriends Cartoon Series/Comic Books

The Batmobile used by Michael Keaton in "Batman" from 1989 and "Batman Returns" in 1992

The Batmobile used in Batman: The Animated Series from 1992-1995

The Batmobile used by Val Kilmer in "Batman Forever" in 1995

The Batmobile used by George Clooney in "Batman & Robin" in 1997

The Batmobile used in the animated series "The New Adventures of Batman & Robin"
in 1997-2005

The Batmboile used in the animated series "Batman Beyond" in 1999-2002

The Batmobile used by Christian Bale in "Batman Begins" in 2005 and "The Dark Knight" in 2008.

Whispers68: As lame as it sounds, I still think my favorite representation of the Batmobile are the ones used in "Batman" and "Batman Returns" with Michael Keaton. Nonetheless, there have been major changes over the years done to this vehicle. I wonder if things will remain the same if and when Nolan releases a sequel to "The Dark Knight."
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