Why Miley Cyrus Cannot be Batgirl

Why Miley Cyrus Cannot be Batgirl

THEHAWK has evidence that she has not blown WB away since June 16.

Starting the week of June 15 film crews descended on the peacefull isle called Tybee to film 'The Last Song.' These people included one Miley Cyrus, the subject of the recent Batgirl rumor.

To this date she has not left the state of Georgia since she arrived a month ago. She has not left the island except to venture to Savannah, and Hilton Head in South Carolina. She is spotted on the island constantly. This picture was taken just yesterday at the Tybee Sonic. It is she and a girl named Meagan.

The news stations give daily updates about her whereabouts. There is no way she could have left without someone noticing.

The only way her audition could be possible is if it had been at least two months ago. If that were the case, we would have heard about it sooner.
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