Will Batman Die At The End Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Will Batman Die At The End Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

There has been much speculation about whether or not Nolan will kill of Bruce Wayne/Batman at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, what it be a good thing if he actually did it?

Batman Is the most popular superhero in the world that is featured in one of the most popular soon-to-be-trilogies of all-time. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have both made it clear that this will be their last Batman film. Nolan has a reputation among us CBM fans to be a guy who has tons of tricks up his sleeves. He had a decoy Ra's al Ghul and recently tried to trick us with the whole "Miranda Tate" coverup. But does he have the you-know-whats to kill THE freaking Batman? My answer to that question is...no. I think it would be a sad but amazing ending if he were to die...of course it would have to be done the right way. But would Warner Bros. and whoever else really let him do that? Maybe, but I think it would be unlikely since Batman has become a cash-cow for them. They have talked about reboots and everything but my question is why? If it ain't broke, don't fix it Warner Bros. Talk Nolan and everyone else into coming back if they don't kill old Bats.

One rumor that I have seen on this site is that maybe Nolan and friends chose the title "The Dark Knight Rises" to make "The Dark Knight" a sort of brand and eventually make a Dark Knight Returns movie. But that all could be B.S because this movie might be Nolan's version of The Dark Knight Returns, so who knows... A Batman Beyond type film is possible, but would it be a less-futuristic version with JGL? My stand on this is to kill Bruce Wayne unless they know FOR SURE that Nolan, Bale, and the rest are coming back, because it would just suck to see another director try and continue this, it would not work out at all IMO, Nolan does everything (except fight scenes) so perfectly and it would be extremely difficult to replicate what he has done...

Killing him seems like the only reasonable way to end such a magnificent trilogy, but it also seems as though it is the most obvious way with all of the becoming a legend stuff they've been saying in trailers and posters. With Nolan, I think it just seems to obvious; if he was going to kill him I think he would want people to not be expecting it. We might think he's dead, then get a last-second image of him watching over Gotham ( imagine how awesome that would be) or something along the lines of that. I believe that Nolan will amaze everyone once again with this film, the haters will hate, but when has Nolan ever disappointed?

P.S-my hopes for this movie-A small scene showing various villains that Batman has faced over the eight years that have passed, with cameos from some members of his Rogues Gallery. -a small scarecrow-type cameo with William Fichtner (the bank manager from the beginning of TDK) as the penguin -a scarecrow cameo -a good explanation of what happened to Joker -Bane to be totally bad-ass -a kick-ass movie and kick-ass ending
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