A Closer Look At Ben Affleck's BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Bat-Suit

A Closer Look At Ben Affleck's BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Bat-Suit

A super hi-res version of the image posted by director Zack Snyder earlier on today offers a much a more detailed look at the new Batman costume worn by Ben Affleck, and also allows for a more in depth analysis. Click on as I break down the Bat-suit section by section.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the day I'm sure you've already seen our first official pic of the new Bat-suit that'll be worn by Ben Affleck in Zack Snyder's still untitled sequel to Man Of Steel. But here we have a much higher resolution version of the snap which allows us to zoom in and examine the little details -- and as any CBMer knows, that's where the devil is.


First up we have the cowl. I think any fan of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns will immediately notice the overall similarities here (and indeed, in the suit as a whole), particularly in the smaller ears..which some fans have taken issue with. Since he's looking down it's difficult to make out the eyes, but it would appear that we're in for more of the 'ol black makeup under the cowl -- though to be fair, short of whiting out the eyes completely it's hard to imagine any other way to go about this. The cape and cowl are connected, and look to be more flexible than the Christian Bale suit. Could we be looking at a return to the rubbery material sported by Michael Keaton in the Tim Burton films?


Well, Bale wasn't exactly malnourished but I think it's fair to say Affleck is a BEAST in this new outfit. It's hard to tell if the actor actually bulked up to this point (though he probably has by now anyway) or there's some additional padding provided by the suit, but either way it seems we're looking at our buffest Batman yet. The enlarged chest symbol, again, recalls Miller's TDKR, and -- as is customary with superhero costumes these days -- we have a raised, textured pattern on the suit. Obviously we can't make out the colors, but I'd be surprised if they didn't follow the dark blue/black cape 'n cowl with a grey suit from, you guessed it, The Dark Knight Returns.


On to the lower section of the image now, and we can see that the standard gauntlet blades are present, and we also have our largest utility belt yet. Any chance Bats is storing some shark repellent in there? Below you can see an entire pic of Batman, and I've messed with the levels a bit for maximum visibility. Plus, we have an excellent fan made color rendering of the full image. There seems to be an overall positive response to this new costume, and I'd say that it's without a doubt our most comic-accurate one so far anyway -- but is there anything you'd change if you could? Sound off below.

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