'Aquaman' Confirmed In New BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DOJ Set Report?

'Aquaman' Confirmed In New BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DOJ Set Report?

Batman On Film have posted a report from the set of Zack Snyder's currently shooting Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and reckon that Aquaman is definitely in the movie -- there's even been water set tests apparently. More past the jump.

If the following report is on the level, it seems we will be seeing the King of Atlantis make a splash in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The character is said to have a "very small role", and although former Game Of Thrones actor Jason Momoa is rumored to be playing him, nothing about that is mentioned here. There are some updates on the recent set snaps of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne however, and according to Batman On Film, all of that destruction and loss of life that occurred in Man Of Steel will indeed come back to haunt Superman (Henry Cavill) in this movie.

* “Aquaman” is indeed in the film and there was some sort of film test on a water set recently. The character has a very small role in the BvS.

* The car chase scenes that will take place this coming weekend  will not, most likely, include the Batmobile. Those pics online of Ben Affleck (sporting very gray hair on his temples) as Bruce Wayne involve a scene in the film where he’s saving people after some sort of attack on Metropolis which causes a lot of destruction.

* There’s a very “anti-Superman” theme to the film which includes people marching in protest against him.

Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis? What about that Wayne Enterprises sign glimpsed in the rubble then? Though all of this sounds great and BOF have landed a few good scoops in the past, keep in mind that they've also posted a few bogus stories relating to previous Batman movies too, so best to take this with that ever ready grain of salt until we have something more solid.
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