Are you really seeing Ben Affleck's physique in the Batman suit?

Are you really seeing Ben Affleck's physique in the Batman suit?

Turns out the answer is No! Henry Cavill's Supersuit is reported to be molded after his actual physique. Hit the jump to find out who provided the physique for Batman's suit...

Turns out it is a guy called Rossano Rea, a  Birmingham, Michigan native who is an actor, bodybuilder, fitness model and gym owner of gym BodyMorph. Say's Rossano, "It's my body and my muscles and it was constructed after me"

This isn't the first time director Zack Snyder has used a fitness model to help out one of his stars on-screen physical appearence. He used fitness model Greg Plitt as the body for Dr. Manhattan and superimposed actor Billy Crudup's face on top of it in Watchmen (2009).

Henry Cavill provided the cast for his own Superman suit. So when you see him in the Superman suit, you are pretty much seeing his own physique. Ben Affleck also reportedly trained a lot for his role as the caped crusader. So why wasn't Affleck's own physique used to model the Batman suit?

Rea states, "With all due respect to Ben, we are the same height but he doesn't have the width and the size and the definition and the mature muscle that I've got. I've been working out since I have been 15 years old. So he's a pretty beefy guy but I've been doing it for much longer and they probably thought that my physique would be more appropriate to display (as Batman)."

Seems fair as no Hollywood actor after training for a few months can expect to look like a fitness model who has trained for over decades. And it is obvious from Ben Affleck's appearence that the suit is heavily padded to give it a more stylized muscular look favored by Snyder.

What do you think? What do you like to see Affleck model his own suit in Justice League like Cavill?

(Click the Source to watch the detailed video with Rossano Rea)


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