BATMAN & SUPERMAN Fans Should Love Marvel Studio's.

BATMAN & SUPERMAN Fans Should Love Marvel Studio's.

Kyle K From Man of Steel Fan Page states that DC fans should bow down to the might of Marvel Studio's....Hit the Jump to find out more..

With the Man of Steel Untitled Sequel due to start filming in days, Kyle K has written an article stating that all DC fans should support every film Marvel Studio's releases.

So often, comic book fans get caught up in the Marvel vs. DC rivalry that has existed for decades. We especially see this now that Batman vs Superman is currently sharing a release date with a Marvel movie. While there are fans of both companies, the most vocal ones will defend their preference with a fervent determination that would make Batman seem timid.

Over the past few years, fans have turned movie releases into competitions, pitting The Dark Knight Rises against The Avengers or Man of Steel against Iron Man 3. And the comparisons continue as Man of Steel 2 readies to move into production.

Though it’s fun to have friendly debates, fans often forget that Marvel’s success is critical to DC’s (and vice versa). Looking at the history of the genre, Marvel might never have been able to create Spider-man or began their shared universe without Batman and Superman hitting the big screens in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. But on the flip side of that, DC properties likely could have died off and never been resurrected without Marvel fanning the flame in the ’90s and early 2000s.

Today, the two companies’ competition is pushing DC to create a Justice League movie to keep up with the Avengers universe. Put it this way: if Marvel movies never took off, we might never have seen The Dark Knight or Man of Steel. For DC fans hoping to see Justice League and see that universe continue to expand, it would be wise to wish Marvel all the best.”

You can read the Full article by hitting the link below.

So what do you think, Do you want Marvel to succeed at the BO hence helping DC properties to be made?

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