BATMAN V SUPERMAN Storyboard Artist Reveals Parademons Weren't Initially Planned

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Storyboard Artist Reveals Parademons Weren't Initially Planned

Darkseid's minions, the Parademons, made a brief appearance in Batman v Superman's Knightmare scene, something that surprised the film's storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, who planned the sequence.

One of the most memorable moments from Batman v Superman was the mysterious "Knightmare" experienced by Bruce Wayne, which gave the hero a vision of a possible post-apocalyptic future ruled by a dicator-like Superman.  Appearing as a guest on the Shanlian On Batman podcast, storyboard artist Jay Oliva discussed his role in pitching the scenes "one-shot" sequence to director Zack Snyder. 

"I did the Knightmare sequence with future Batman, I did that. Although, it was great because, you know, I just watched it again the other day and that last shot where it’s just one long continuous take where Batman is fighting and he eventually gets taken down, that was something that I had talked to Zack about, about like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if it was like a Children of Men-style like one-shot through it all?’"

However, there was one thing that Oliva didn't plan, and that was the inclusion of Parademons, the minions of Darkseid that made a surprising cameo appearance alongside of Superman's army. Oliva told the podcast that he was just as surprised as fans were to see the flying villains. "What’s funny is that was a late addition, I think Zack added that after I had done it, because originally it was just supposed to be the Superman kind of bad guys and then Batman was just to get taken over. So, I was as suprised as you guys that the Parademons were in it, but I knew where they were going to lead to."

While they still haven't been seen in any promotional material, the Parademons are all but confirmed to make a return to the big screen when Justice League releases on November 17, 2017.

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