BATMAN v SUPERMAN To Be Split In Two? ENTER THE KNIGHT Rumored Part 1 Subtitle

BATMAN v SUPERMAN To Be Split In Two? ENTER THE KNIGHT Rumored Part 1 Subtitle

It was initially rumoured that Batman v Superman and Justice League would shoot back to back, but are we now getting a two-part version of the former? A supposedly leaked image claims that will be the case, with the first part reaching us...THIS YEAR?! Read on for details.

The image below popped up on Imgur this morning, and as you might imagine, it has already started creating a lot of buzz on social media websites. Chances are that it's a fake, like so many other supposedly "leaked" images we've seen in the past (people are bored and have too much time on their hands to make these things I guess). Let's for a minute assume that it is real though. Is it so hard to believe that Warner Bros. would split Batman v Superman into a two-part movie?

They've certainly been shooting long enough for that to be the case, and while you may think it would be odd for them to have not announce Enter The Knight ten months before the release date stated below, how much have we seen of The Fantastic Four? (which is less than six months away)

This would actually be a great weekend for Batman v Superman: Enter The Knight to open too, as there's little to no serious competition during, before, or after that weekend. For now, take this with a pinch of salt; while it's nice to think that we'll get to see the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel battle it out in 2015 - the movie's original release year - it seems unlikely Warner Bros. wouldn't have announced this when they unveiled their slate of DC Comics movies last year...

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