Ben Affleck Was Set To Be Part of Superman's World LONG Before We Knew, EVIDENCE HERE!

Ben Affleck Was Set To Be Part of Superman's World LONG Before We Knew, EVIDENCE HERE!

Exposing the evidence that is all too revealing that Warner Brother had Ben Affleck to play Batman YEARS Before announced, Evidence of the GENIUS move after the Jump!

Gentlemen, brace yourselves please, what I am about to reveal could shock you and impact your long term understanding of the world, you will look at everything in a new light, you will wonder if even you are who you say you are, on this day I shall draw back the curtain and reveal the shocking truth behind the GENIUS of Warner Brothers.

Let's go back in time, to MAY 2 1998, what happen on this date? we got ourt first clue that Ben Affleck was gonna be Batman, don't believe me? here's the evidence!! 

on May 2 1998 Episodes 40 & 41 of Superman The Animated Series debuted, these episodes are called LITTLE LOST GIRL part 1 & 2, in this Ep Superman backtracks the data from his rocket that got him from Krypton to earth. Once at the site of where Krypton once was he stumbles upon a distress signal from another nearby planet, feeling hopeful the Man of Steel answers the call and reaches a planet with no Kryptonite radiation, he takes off and searches the planet where he discovers a buried Lab, inside the lab he finds a recorded video projection of  Kala In-Ze, she is the planets head doctor and she informs the now watching Superman that he is on PLANET ARGO!!!!!!!!

AHA!!! ARGO theres the first clue, now let's fast forward from May 2 1998 to October 12 2012 where Mister Ben Affleck's movie ARGO debuts in the USA, now that we have the complete pieces of the puzzle let's  form it!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, originally was going to be Man of Steel 2.

MOS 2. MOS/2 is 2 = May 2 1998, STAS ep #40, Affleck is in his 40's!. Also the Number of awards in total Argo won was 34, Superman in MOS is 33, he would be 34 in 2014 and his birthday #35 would not be until after BVS was set to originally debut in 2015 which would mean Supes would be 34 years old in the movie, Also theres 1,275 weeks and 4 days in between the release of the Superman Ep and the Argo movie, let's take a closer look at that number...

1275= 12/75 = 2012 year argo was released (first clue) then 2013 MOS released and it was Superman 75th birthday!(Second clue) then the 4 days? 4/0 = 40 Ben Affleck was 40 when Argo debuted (third clue)

Argo Planet & Argo Movie! let's look at the facts here, in the series ARGO was a planet NEAR Krypton when it exploded that was affected by the explosion, Ben Affleck/Bruce wayne is affected by the events in MOS to his Wayne Building & company

This proves it, Ben Affleck has been casted as Batman for over 15 years, how could have been so blind? how could you people doubt the genius of WB by allowing Ben to become a mega movie star before revealing the big plan to us simple minded fans!? how could you people be so dumb to not notice that Big Daddy Snyder is the clear mastermind in Superhero movies!

Lucky for you, you guys have DCGUY "The Excellence of Editorials" Now in fear that WB will send someone to kill me for exposing their secret agenda I big you all good bye!

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