CBM User Emblemmaniac posted an interesting comment about the up coming Batman v Superman & Justice League movies which had some to believe that this information could be true. Hit the jump find out more...

Thanks to Emblemmaniac for this information, This sounds like an Awesome rumour about these films but this can also be written by an enthusiastic fan.

Sorry for the unedited wall of information......but it's a good read if you're looking forward to the DCcU.

Know that the source might be a bit questionable, but it is allways fun to speculate, My good friend will introduce a little light into your minds.

He was able to extract interesting information. His English is maybe weak, but he has a VERY good source. I'll leave this here: “ Justice League - The working draft of script exists and “it’s doing fine” but… - some people complain that is “far too long, has too many characters, too many sub-plots, etc.” … - Other described it as *beep* amazing" but they believe that script is “TOO GOOD” and story will be too complex for casual viewer - At this moment the concept of JL is described as XXI version of “Watchmen”. And when I talk about Watchmen, I talk of this more extensive version: Alan Moore comicbook, not Snyder’s movie.

Anyway, WB has bad memories associated with both: comicbook and movie. - There are also few voices that script in this form is too ambitious for Snyder (which is strange, because best ideas come from him). - There is no single and main comicbook inspiration for this movie. However, you can feel some "Morrison’s" things (doesn’t specify which), and most of the material (storyline structure, the characteristics of some characters) is based on older stories - set in modern day - not New 52 (weird idea, but apparently works) - The working title is "Justice League: Brainiac Saga" - reference to the " The Great Darkness Saga" (not Dragon Ball, as probably most would think -.-)

There are some production ‘problems’ with JL movies… WB wants two-part movie, and at the moment Snyder (and his team) has material for three ~ 2,5h (very expensive and time-consuming) movies - and yes, it's all “just a seven-eight hour” JL origin story - it's a little different way than Marvel and their "Avengers" Hmm.. Why WB doesn’t want 3 movies, you ask? Firstly: because they do not want comparison: JL - The Hobbit. In their opinion, idea to share Hobbit into 3 parts was a “failed experiment”. Secondly: WB doesn’t believe that Snyder would have enough time for so many movies.

The main problem is that he wants to direct them ALL ALONE (like “BvS” and “MoS”). There was a proposal to use director of the second plan but Snyder refused. - So.. script is still rewritten, although the writers believe that it’s too strict to throw something out of it. Practically the story is actually closed. That means: there are the opening points (A, B, C…) and ending points (…X, Y, Z) “engraved in the steel” - At least two writers working on the script. One of them is Chris Terrio, but he is not the main writer and he don’t work on it from the beginning. The identity of the other writer(writers?), is a mystery.

About story: - Hal Jordan is a part of the movie. And he is one of the main characters (from the beginning of the movie he is GL) - WB preferred Stewart and they pushed for this vision, but Snyder wanted Jordan to “tell this story”. So he had a choice - 3 versions: young (20-25), middle-aged (30-40) and old (45-55). He chose latter : middle-aged. Snyder's Jordan is slightly darker version of characters than Raynolds. He is described as "" broken” soldier who returned from hell" (Oa is doomed).

Jordan is a character who stands in opposition to Superman. - Some references to Stewart and Gardner will be here (interesting fact: Snyder likes more Gardner) - "MoS", "BvS", "JL: Part One", "" JL: Part Two "- practically all of these movies present Superman story - his stories are ‘backbone’ of all events. - The main villain is, of course Coluan - Vril Dox – I heard that this name is in the script (probably we see Milton Fine story inspiration). There is also Luthor and… “others” (?) - Batman is one of the minor characters (which is incredibly surprising). - Ted Kord will be one of the “key” characters. There is a chance that we will see him in "Suicide Squad", wich is still writing (and Ayer is not only writer).

If Marvel has MCU - Marvel Universe Ciniematic, DC should be called DCCMU -DC Cinematic MultiUniverse (and in any case, it is not about connecting tv series and movies!) -We all know main theme of the MCU: infinity stones, but there will be no main theme of the DCCMU - instead a large weight will be placed on: concept of alternative dimensions (multiuniverse: Earth 1,2,3,4…), metahumans and cosmic wars - “Shazam” will be set on a different Earth. - Themyscira is a ‘bridge’ between two (very different) alternative worlds. The first is the world of "old gods", the second is the world of humans. - "BvS" and "WW" give hints, why WW not help Superman in "MoS". But they don’t say it directly. - In the "JL" will be explained (little) what happens with Green Lantern Corps and why they don’t react when Zod attack our planet. - Sinestro is still Hal Jordan mentor.

Snyder and Goyer parallel worked on "BvS" and "JL" in 2013. And after Comic-con in 2013 everything was fine and then... booom. There appeared conflict between them, which ended… yeah Goyer has been kicked out. Conflict concerned, about different approach to movie universe and characters. For example: Snyder wanted another (better) writer to "JL". He hired someone and gave him the material prepared jointly with Goyer. Goyer was very disappointed and pissed off when studio told him that he will be no longer working on JL.

There were also different vision for Luthor. In the first draft he was much older (45-55). Snyder claimed that Goyer version of characters is *beep* boring" and not inspiring. He is no challenge for Superman. He also thought that Goyer tried too hard humanize Luthor. In Terrio version – Luthor is pure evil. He has the motivation, goals, rich personality, he is not shallow, but he is still pure evil.

Affleck supported Snyder and when Goyer left, Snyder wanted guy from JL (this whom he hired) to rewrote "BvS". Affleck had a different idea. Well you know: Chris Terrio. Terrio accepted the offer. He got a box of comics, which served as material for "BvS" and began to research and education. He is not a "comic book guy” so he put in it a lot of work. At the beginning Terrio had only to rewrite Goyer’s script. Later, there was mass production problem (you even don’t realize what kind..). Studio decided to delay production and premiere.

Terrio got more time and wrote a new script from scratch. What is more, he was all the time in Detroit and working on revisions, when Snyder filmed the movie. - BvS In “BvS” we have: - "Bruce Wayne" (quotes is intentional) as a metaphysical mask under which hides the true character: Batman. Because – “Bruce Wayne died as a child with his parents”, he uses higher tone of voice (Affleck’s standard voice). Described as cockscomb and *beep* but still charming. - Batman – without costume: schizophrenic personality brought to life, when Bruce's parents dead, incredibly intelligent but emotionally unstable, more aggressive than previous versions, he has some mental problems (sometimes he talks to dead father), uses a lower and deeper tone of voice. - Batman in costume, he uses voice modulator .

Main characters: Superman> Batman> Luthor. Superman has more screen time, but Luthor has more dialogue / and literally a few interesting monologues. Final sequences BvS: Batman vs Superman fight –then----> Batman, Superman, WW vs Luthor drones (project "Metallo" reference) Batman and Superman fight is not finished, it’s interrupted by Luthor. When they fight Batman cheats (a looooot) and Superman is weakened.

Alfred is an important character. Kryptonite will be here (kinda.. Someone told me that: “Snyder is a bastard, creative, but still bastard, and comic book fanatics probably will be cry again”) Luthor is described as a mix of evil megalomaniac version of Gates / Jobs and modern incarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. Generally he is really Luthor from comics (only in the Eisenberg body) Yep. We'll get a very fast talking Luthor.. but this is not typical Eisenberg acting. He uses here a different accent and tone of voice. Apparently, everything fits together perfectly. Lex Luthor inspiration? Mainly Morrison (“All Star Superman” as a Terrio bible for the character), Superman: Birthright and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel (but much better written and routed).

WW has an important role, but she doesn’t have a lot of time here. This is not second "IM2" or "TASM2", but also not second "TDK" or "Avengers". It's just something “different”. Quite unique. Subtitle: "Dawn of Justice" is very misleading. WW is more on the third plan, Aquaman and Cyborg are ‘extras’. “BvS” is mainly “MoS” sequel and then a movie about Batman and Superman.

There was a crazy idea .. Of course Snyder’s: not convert "BvS" to 3D, and spent money to short (25-30 minutes) animated “MoS” prequel - you know: MORE KRYPTON, ZOD, FAORA, JOR-EL, ROBOTS... and add this to extended "MoS” edition. (like “Tales of the Black Freighter” to "Watchmen") Superman's powers will be presented similarly, but in visual terms “BvS” looks completely different than "MoS".

Interestingly, this still doesn’t look like a typical Snyder’s movie - cinematography, maybe a bit like Watchmen, but still is not the same. The tone of the movie is a bit different than "MoS". Still dark, gritty, even more realistic(?), but there is something "new" you never watched yet. After the first edit - "BvS" has ~ 3,5 hours runtime.

A lot of action scenes (as in every Snyder movie), but smarter and more creatively shot. Still less than in the "MoS", but better and more balanced. Batman and Superman fight was the longest filmed sequence. Tons of practical effects. Much more than in the fight "Superman vs Faora" in Smallville. About DCCMU… - WB has an interesting list of directors. Those more familiar, and those less (several nonames). - Alfonso Cuaron was considered for "Aquaman" movie, but he refused. - Was a chance to "Suicide Squad" in the category R. However, this idea was abandoned. - "Flash" will be smaller (120-150 million) and lighter WB/DC movie. Spike Jonez was one of the candidates.

Generally WB want this type of director. - The plan that was announced is very flexible, at any time may change- in fact, it's a little changed now. - WB has an idea for two movies about "GL". One about Jordan (main character) and Stewart - more serious and darker - Described as a movie about “obsession and fear”. The second of "Green Lantern Corps" with Gardner as a leading figure . - WB has interesting candidate to first movie (placed between "JL: Part one" and "JL: Part two"). But this director is type of man... Eh.. it is difficult to work with him. He is not “yes man”. His previous collaborations with big studio ended badly. But again he fits and he is interested. - Verbinski and Bird were the main candidates for "Shazam". But I think they both refused.

JLD got green-light. Del Toro probably only produce, and movie will be direct by someone else. - First concept art for JL, are created. Snyder oversees: Several variants of the Flash costume - most have completely hidden face. They also want to cover the majority of Jordan's face, because “comic mask is impractical and doesn’t hide his identity” Green Lantern structures = jaw-dropping

Please take this with a HUGE grain of salt.

So guys what do think.

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