EDITORIAL: How I Think Snyder Should Introduce Batman in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

EDITORIAL: How I Think Snyder Should Introduce Batman in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

With filming about to begin, and a script probably ready, BatmanHeisenberg gives a lot of ideas to how he believes Snyder and co. should handle everything from the Batcave to his backstory to his Batsuit in the second of the series. Hit the jump to read more!

I am going to start this out saying I like Ben as Batman. Don’t like it? Okay, whatever. Moving on. It goes without saying I am very excited to see how Snyder, Terrio and Affleck interpret Batman. I loved Man of Steel, and I am open to their vision, I just am offering another strong opinion. So,


I have several topics to cover, so I’ll do one at a time, here it goes:


I want him to have a rich story and background with Gotham. I want the first twenty minutes of the film to be similar to the first twenty minutes of Man of Steel, at least, on an abstract level. It should establish Batman and his world, give us who he really is. Just like Jor-El and Krypton. Those scarce twenty minutes make a WORLD of difference to a character.  

I think Batman has a clear cut mission, and a minor villain. Someone like Black Mask or Killer Croc. Give us a glimpse into Bruce Wayne as well. Show us the three sides of Bruce Wayne. His public side, his private side only Alfred and a few know, and Batman. I want to see the entire scope of what he does. I still really want Gordon in this film, probably only in the first twenty minutes, opening a more major role in the inevitable Batman solo film. I also would like a Nightwing minor role, possibly needing to go to Bludhaven, leading to a Nightwing solo film.

After his twentyish minute introduction, I want Batman to take a backseat to reintroduce Superman and his world, also introducing Lex Luthor. I will make an editorial on Lex later and his intentions. I will be brief, though. He is what he always is of Superman. Jealous. He has controlled Metropolis for some time, and feels threatened by Superman and his capabilities. However, like I said, more on that on a later editorial. Let’s get to the topic at hand.

After reintroducing and introducing any characters, we bring back Batman, plotting against Superman. He feels it is a threat that needs to be neutralized. After an epic battle that includes a armored Batsuit and red sun rays. When Batman seems to have the upper hand, Superman comes on top and Batman and Superman enter into a shaky pact.

I mentioned in my Wonder Woman article similar to this one that I want her to be in the background for a while, and brought to the main fold in the third act. Lex plots against Batman and Superman, and eventually makes Metallo using the suit Zod left on the construction site for a LexCorp building. He equips Metallo with kryptonite, and an even more epic battle ensues. But it wouldn’t just be the Holy Trinity vs Metallo. I feel like it would be interesting if people came in with their own intentions and it became an uneasy alliance between the Holy Trinity to take down Metallo. They would get so much done if the cooperated, but they are all strongly opnionated, stubborn personalities, but eventually put aside their differences given the amount of damage Metallo is giving. After finishing, they should confront Luthor. They go their separate ways, which could possibly lead to a Justice League film.


Batman is a secluded soul. I want him to, of course to have a front as a playboy to the public, but to be a tortured soul. Only Alfred can really know the full persona of Bruce Wayne. I want Bruce to be estranged from Dick, possibly Jason and Tim if they exist in this universe.

I want to see more than anything Bruce’s obsession. I want to see his absolute obsession with taking down crime. I want him to never stop, you see his scars. Not just his physical scars, but his emotional ones as well.


The image EVERYONE wants. Everyone wants to see the Batfleck suit. Plain and simple. I have a pretty good idea of what I want. The recent Arkham batsuit was amazing, but could use some tweaking. I would recommend an anaglam between the New 52 suit and the Arkham Knight suit.


Not to much I want, mostly something like this:

But with a bit more room and gadgets and whatnot.

Well, thats all from me folks. Do you agree, disagree? Hell if I care, sound off in the usual place!

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