EDITORIAL: If JESSE EISENBERG Is Not The Real LEX LUTHOR, Then Who Is? Uncovering The Truth!

EDITORIAL: If JESSE EISENBERG Is Not The Real LEX LUTHOR, Then Who Is? Uncovering The Truth!

In this intelligently written editorial, we dig deeper into the clues of the past and the present to find out who the real Lex Luthor is. Read on as this mind bending crumble ends in a twist none of you would expect at all!

Welcome to "THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES", today is going to be an interesting subject for an interesting beginning to a new editorial segment. Plus a mind bending twist none of you will ever believe until you read.

To make a theory out of something, you need facts to support that theory. Evidence per say as much as even little may be presented. This in mind, is a serious editorial with serious claims upon the subject. The subject being Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, not the actor or the possible outcome but the vision of the character to be determined. As a vision is also a preface to what comes as it can be defined in that manner. To define vision now in this context comes from not an actual vision but what will indefinitely happen in the future as comes near.

To define Lex Luthor, he is a genius and brilliant scientific mind. To define a decoy is to also define a characteristic a scientific mind as such would create to elude the audience themselves. A face as great as Luthor himself would be prone to the lights and the fading stars coming within. As many geniuses like Luthor himself, a decoy is put in place. Hence that is to define Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, the decoy put in place that seems like the real Lex Luthor in our mind, but it is not. On to a journey and long ends as they align to find the real Lex Luthor. As I have some possible facts that may put the searching to end.

In the year 2006 in the far past, a certain film called Superman Returns was released. A certain director named Bryan Singer took the helm of this extraordinary project. The same year X-Men 3 was released as Bryan Singer stepped down from the director's chair for that franchise, for now. Five years later, the television show Smallville ends with it's final run being in 2011. Also in 2011, X-Men: First Class was released. Another X-Men film without Bryan Singer at the director's helm. Coincidence? In 2012, Bryan Singer was announced to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past. Just a year later in 2013 the Superman reboot Man of Steel was released. Forward to present time 2014, Days of Future Past is going to be released. Also another significant event, Batman vs Superman being delayed from 2015 to 2016. 2016 also being the same year of the next X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse. Another significance, 2006 and 2016.

My intelligent findings suggest....

Jonah Hill is the real Lex Luthor.

Jonah Hill who was recently nominated for an Academy Award, voices Green Lantern in this years film, The Lego Movie. In 2011 was altogether also the same year as I mentioned Smallville ended and X-Men Days of Future Past began. It was also the year of a certain DC film, Green Lantern. The same character Jonah Hill voices in The Lego Movie. 2011 plus an extra three years later is 2014. Three plus three equals the amount of six. "Batman vs Superman being delayed from 2015 to 2016. 2016 also being the same year of the next X-Men film, X-Men Apocalypse." "2006 and 2016". In that same year 2006 to even further more prove Jonah Hill's presence, he played a character named Barry in a film. Barry is also the name of a DC Comics character many fans are familiar with, Barry Allen The Flash. The character of Barry Allen made his debut in Arrow in 2013 where Jonah Hill had only two films. The Jonah Hill name shares the same amount of letters with Lex Luthor, nine. Nine years later from Superman Returns, Batman vs Superman was supposed to be released. But Warner Bros figured, fans like myself were too close to finding out the truth.

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