Henry Cavill, A True Hero To The Wildlife

Henry Cavill, A True Hero To The Wildlife

It seems when Henry is not playing Superman, he is out busy saving endangered animals. Check out our favorite Superman Henry Cavill as he saves endangered animals from extinction.

When Henry Cavill is not busy playing our favorite Superman for WB/DC up coming movie Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, he is said to be out saving endangered species of animals by using his celebrity fame, and his Cavill Conservation program to bring awareness and contribution to support his native home land Wildlife Conservation Park, Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, Channel Island for conservation of animals.

Henry said:  "I'm enormously proud to a part of a team that makes such a huge positive impact on the world.Durrell is an organization with a mission I can really get behind. I feel that saving the diversity of life on our planet will be seen as increasingly important in not-too far distance future. I genuinely believe that Durrell provides hope for those endangered animals that others may have given up on already.They do the seemingly impossible, I would be truly humble if I help to make that possible."

Henry also told that got his inspiration to save endangered animals from his earlier childhoods visit to the park, back then it was known as Jersey Zoo.
It was this early experiences that struck him the idea that someone should take responsibility to take care of the inhabitants of our planets and especially the ones without voices.
It is also said that Henry has adopted  Durrell's silverback gorilla family, the same gorilla family that took gentle care of a 5 year old boy fell into the gorilla pit.

Like Henry's friend and his fans, you can also support the organization by adopting the very same group of gorilla family that lead Henry to the path of conservation by visiting:  http://www.durrell.org/adopt/gorilla-family/ />


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