Henry Cavill and trainer Michael Blevins talk training for BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Henry Cavill and trainer Michael Blevins talk training for BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Henry Cavill recently attended the Laureus World Sport Awards and addressed his training for Batman V Superman. His trainer, Michael Blevins, also gave an interview to HenryCavillNews to talk about what's in store for Superman

Henry Cavill recently attended the Laureus World Sport Awards  and expressed admiration for the training that professional atheletes do. He also briefly addressed the training he himself has to go through to become Superman.

Meanwhile, his trainer Michael Blevins, gave an extensive interview to HenryCavillNews where amongst other things he spoke about Cavill's training for Batman V Superman. He mentioned Cavill's desire to be bigger and better for new iterations of Superman and that is now amply clear with the new officially released teaser trailer. 

You can read some choice quotes below and see the video interviews as well.

-Henry Cavill on his preparation for BATMAN V SUPERMAN
We have about 6 months of pre-production. And the pre-production is spent entirely on me training and eating all the right things. To get to a certain size, you have to eat a lot and you always put a little bit of fat on - that's the ‘mass building’ phase. And just before we start shooting, we lean down to get to the ‘suit’ phase and then for shirtless stuff - throughout the shoot - we lean down even further.

-Michael Blevins on his goals for Cavill when training him to be Superman
It's obviously to put on size. Every superhero has a very distinct figure - wide shoulders, strong jawline, small waist and big lats. It’s like an upside down triangle on another. That's already dictated by what people have drawn in comics for half a century. So we have to make him look like that in reality. Although there is talk of muscle suits and being fake, there are [shirtless] scenes where there is no option to look big and muscular without the aid of any kind of prosthetics. So the only option is to be big and muscular.

-Michael Blevins on Cavill's goals everytime he prepares to put on the Supersuit
Henry is always looking to better himself. He always wants to be bigger and better. It is not a matter of saying, "I can get away with whatever because I have proven it once”. It is coming back to be stronger in reality, more fit in reality and looking better in reality. So that when it is projected on the screen, it comes across that he is bigger and better. That is one of the cool developments, especially how Zach [Snyder, the director] envisioned this whole thing. We saw Henry develop from a boy to a man and then into a superhero. And he has done the same thing in real life. I have watched him transform and he continues to evolve. 


 Henry Cavill and Michael Blevins in the gym
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