How to Make BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN A More Direct Sequel to MAN OF STEEL

How to Make BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN A More Direct Sequel to MAN OF STEEL

Ever since it was announced that Batman would appear in 2015's sequel to Man of Steel, fans have wondered if this, though exciting, is the correct route to take. Hit the jump to read 5 things Warner Bros. must do to get this film right.

I've read many user's comments on this site, saying that Ben Affleck's Batman should take a backseat while the movie concentrates on Superman. I couldn't disagree more, especially if the title turns out to officially be Batman Vs. Superman or something of the like. Having two big-name characters in a film like this, the film itself should be about them equally. The movies should be centered around both Batman and Superman and how they react to each other.

That said, some things we want to stay away from is having one character outshine the other or lack of character development. While this movie is about Batman too, it is a sequel to Man of Steel and should feel as such. How can this movie stay grounded like that?

1). Develop Lois Lane

Many people, fans and trolls alike, have complained that Lois Lane lacked in character development in Man Of Steel. The movie really gave no reason for us to care about Lois Lane, as well as no explanation as to why General Zod wanted her aboard that ship. While I personally think there was chemistry between actors Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, I have no idea where this chemistry came from. They really didn't build up to that kiss at the end.

Zack Snyder and co. need to make up for this in the sequel. Give her an integral part in the story, not just some lame hostage-style situation. Give her some humor moments, and give us a reason to think Lois Lane is a cool character.

Also as a side note, if y'all haven't heard "Waiting For Superman" by Daughtry, go look it up.. it's a really good song.

2). Have Lex Luthor Be Against Superman

Those Lexcorp Easter eggs just didn't suffice: fans want to see their favorite Superman baddie on the big screen. Rumors and speculation have popped up all around the internet that Lexcorp will be helping rebuild the devastated Metropolis after Superman and Zod's battle. Due to this battle, Lex Luthor will be outspoken against Superman, blaming him for all the destruction.

I sincerely believe this is the right story to tell. Not only would it give Bruce Wayne a reason to come to Metropolis and investigate, but it would also give Superman more to accomplish, as he would have to prove to the world that he is a hero and is truly on their side. This in turn would give Superman more time to shine.

3). General Zod Should Have A Presence

In my opinion, references to "the fight" isn't enough for General Zod. What I mean by presence is I think we should have some scenes were Clark Kent really chews over what he had to do. Does he sincerely believe he made the right decision? Even if he does, how has this affected him?

There were was a "dream sequence" of sorts in Man Of Steel. That's not really what you'd call them, but I'm talking about when they got inside Kal-El's head a bit and he still talked to Zod in his mind. I think one or two similar scenes (maybe nightmares he is having) would help the story as Superman comes to terms with what he has done, and decides for himself that it was the right decision.

4). Supergirl

I guess this is where everyone takes out their guns and starts questioning me. Let me explain where I'm coming from before anyone pulls the trigger.

There have been rumors of not only Wonder Woman but also the Flash and Green Arrow cameoing in the movie. In addition, more than one source has made reference to Nightwing showing up to assist Batman. While I wouldn't necessarily complain if these things happened--I'm just a little fanboy inside--I would much rather see Supergirl show up.

One of the themes of Man Of Steel was that of being alone. Clark Kent learns as a young boy that he is not from Earth, and even says something to Kevin Costner like "I though I was your son!" As he grows older, he knows of no other person with abilities. His powers are a blessing, but he is cursed with not knowing who he truly is or where he comes from. He feels alone.

Then, once Jor-El explains this information to him, Clark becomes happy that he now knows where he's from. But after he kills Zod and the others are sent back to the Phantom Zone, he is still all alone again, the only Kryptonian on Earth.

So, while in Man Of Steel he overcame that lonely feeling, having Supergirl show up would show that no one is ever truly alone. It would add dynamic, I think, to have someone show up that is on Superman's side. Perhaps Superman doesn't trust her at first, but that can be resolved within one scene. Not only those things, but we know Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) is still alive from that prequel comic, and we don't know what happened to her. Her showing up in the MOS sequel would explain where she went without us having to wait several more years for the next Superman movie.

5). Have Superman "Win" After Batman Has "Won"

The fact that Batman VS. Superman is what the sequel is going by pretty much confirms that Batman and Superman will be at odds at some point during the film. I think that scene that they've filmed, with the Gotham football team playing the Metropolis football team, will foreshadow Batman and Superman's fight. It'll look Gotham is about to win--and then Metropolis will get an interception and score that winning touchdown (or something along those lines).

Batman may not have any powers, but he is a genius. I'm sure through his technology and fighting skills--perhaps through the use of kryptonite or red sun radiation--Batman can find a way to "beat" Superman, at least to a point. Then later on, several things could happen. One, they can fight again and Superman wins. Two, it is revealed that Superman was just going easy on him in the earlier fight. Three, they fight again but Superman puts an end to it before it can get started. I'm sure there are options to show that Superman is superior; those are just the three I came up with.

I feel like this would be a nice compromise: Show everyone how badass Batman truly is, as well as showing Superman is the strongest man on planet Earth.

Be sure to sound off YOUR opinion in the comment section! Thanks for the read!

^The above picture is ONLY a joke. I have no problem with the casting of Ben Affleck.
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