Jason Momoa Laughs Off AQUAMAN Rumors

Jason Momoa Laughs Off AQUAMAN Rumors

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Jason Momoa has joined the cast of Batman Vs. Superman, and hopeful geeks everywhere have hung onto the hope that he'll be playing Aquaman. Momoa, on the other hand, isn't so sure.

Jason Momoa was questioned at East European Comic Con about the Aquaman rumors, and he himself found them quite humorous, saying, 

"I know, Aquaman!  I couldn't even be more random for Aquaman, you know, with the blonde hair... I don't even know where that comes from, it's like me being... uh... Robin or something. Who pulls that out? I see that on the internet and I'm like, Aquaman? A guy like... Lobo I could see."

When the girl asking the questions said, "But you could make Aquaman cool," he just laughed and said, "Well thank you." 

So, what do you think? Does this squash those Aquaman rumors, or is this just misdirection? 

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