Josh Brolin Talks Almost Playing BATMAN And Ben Affleck's Casting Backlash

Josh Brolin Talks Almost Playing BATMAN And Ben Affleck's Casting Backlash

Josh Brolin, the former Batman front runner talks more about why he didn't end up with the role and also had a few words about the internet uproar that followed Ben Affleck's casting. Read on for the details.

Yahoo caught up with Josh Brolin recently and talks naturally turned to his almost portraying Bruce Wayne/Batman in Warner Bros. and Zack Snyders Upcoming yet untitled Superman/Batman movie.  About the role he told yahoo

Me and Zack had a conversation about it,And there were several reasons why we said it wasn’t the best idea on both sides. I had mine and Zack had his.

He went on to express his thoughts about the backlash that followed Ben Affleck's casting annoucement and how "disrespectful" he felt some of the responses were. 

People were so disrespectful, How can you blame an actor for acting? I understand you’re a fan, but people forget that actors are human. When you’re sitting in front of a computer it’s easy to go, ‘Well, I wish he would die. Send.’ But somebody’s going to read that. Their kids are going to read it and the wife is going to read it. We’re so computer-oriented that we forget.

So what do you think of his comments? Would you have have preferered Josh Brolin in the role or have you come to terms (For those who were not with Ben Affleck) with Affleck as our current Caped Crusader? Sound off in the usual place!

The Untitled Man of Steel Sequel Will Be Directed by Zack Snyder from a screenplay written by Chris Terrio; Adapted from a story co-created by Goyer and Snyder. Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman film stars Henry Cavill, reprising his role as Superman/Clark Kent, and Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The film will also reunite “Man of Steel” stars Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane, and also stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Zack Snyder’s untitled Superman/Batman film which will now be arriving in theaters May 6, 2016.

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