Major BATMAN V SUPERMAN Spoilers Reveal Villain Plots, Character Deaths And More

Major BATMAN V SUPERMAN Spoilers Reveal Villain Plots, Character Deaths And More

Major BATMAN V SUPERMAN Spoilers Reveal Villain Plots, Character Deaths And More

The folks over at Moviepilot have posted a heap of new rumours that reveal some big details about Zack Snyder's upcoming indie film Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. If true, then they reveal some massive plot points for the film, so come and check them out- but be warned, spoilers ahead.

The rumour mill for DC's upcoming superhero smackdown has reached the point where anything connected to the film is touted as a possible soiler, plot point or more. Official details are scarce, so for now we'll have to make do with all the rumours floating around on the internet- and Moviepilot have just added a fair amount to that pile with a bundle of new rumours. These spoilers have come from a Warner Bros employee who has seen the script for the film. So, grab yourselves a hefty grain of salt, and come and check them out.

Rumour 1- Brainiac Is The Secondary Antagonist

We already know Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is the main villain of the film, but this report suggests that the villain teaming up with him is none other tha Brainiac. The version used in the film is Vril Dox, a Kryptonian AI designed to be the automated pilot of Kryptonian ships. The AI however became too smart, and so scientists trapped it inside a command key- the same one Supes uses in Man of Steel to activate the scout ship. 

Lex Luthor allegedly finds the command key and uses it to take control of Superman's mind, causing him to go crazy and Batman to fight him. His dastardly plan is later found out after the big battle between Supes and Bats, and the two heroes, as well as Wonder Woman, team up to take down Lex and Dox. By the end of the film, Brainiac has figured out how to take a solid form, and now threatens to destroy earth, which leads to the formation of the Justice League.

Rumour 2- Lex Is Experimenting With Kryptonian Tech

According to the rumour, Lex was permitted by the US government to collect and analyse all the Kryptonian technology and artifacts from Zod's failed invasion. Lex is a big player in politics, and uses politicians to get his own way. Some items he keeps for himself (such as the command key), and allegedly has his own lab somewhere in LexCorp where he is experimenting on different bits of tech. He has obtained, among other things, a Kryptonian battle suit that can fly and fire rockets. This would appear to be the DCCU version of his famous LexoSuit.

But that's not all- Lex also got his hands on two of the genesis pods from the birthing chamber in the scout ship, and uses them to create two beings. One is a hybrid of Superman and Lex's DNA, which will end up becoming Kon-El aka Superboy. The other attempts to combine the DNA of Supes and General Zod. And let's just say......

It doesn't go well.

Rumour 3- Batman Retired Due To Jason Todd's Death

The death of Jason Todd is one of the most famous moments in Bat comics, and will apparently be the cause for Batman's retirement in this film. The rumour states that seven years before the film, Todd was murdered by the Joker. The scene is not shown in the film, but Bats do have his Robin suit in a glass case in the Batcave, and Bruce describes the scene a few times.

The death of his protege (rumoured to be about 16 or 17) caused Bruce to hang up his cape and cowl, feeling that he had put Jason in harm's way. Alfred repeatedly tries to reassure him that it was Jason's cockiness and rebelliousness that le to his own death, but Bruce never accepts it. It is also hinted that Dick Grayson was in fact the first Robin, and is now operating in Bludhaven as Nightwing.


Rumour 4- Jena Malone Is Barbara Gordon


It's not confirmed that Malone is playing the part, but it's in the script and it's more than likely this is her part. The rumour states that Barbara works at the GCPD as a computer technician, and that Batman asks for her help. Barbara, already in a wheelchair, agrees to help (it is hinted that she was Batgirl at some point). She operates out of the Clock Tower in Gotham as Oracle. Though Jim Gordon does not appear in the film, by the way she talks about him, it appears Gordon is still alive and kicking.

Rumour 5- Lex Luthor's Plan

Previous rumours have said that David Cain will appear in the film, and this appears to be correct. According to the rumour, he is a tertiary villain working for Lex Luthor, and is played by Callan Mulvey. Remember how I said Lex is a big player in politics? Well, in this film, Lex is unable to manipulate the president, who is actually a supporter of Superman, as long as Superman works for the US. Lex needs leverage against Superman, and to get that, the president has to go.

Luthor has Cain assassinate the president and then uses this against Superman, saying that if he really cared about humanity, he would have saved him. Lex ends up ditching Cain and he gets arrested. Lex had previously made a deal with crime lord Anatoli Knyazev to make it seem Cain was hired by him instead of Luthor. Despite failing to incite public hatred of Superman, Lex gets away scot-free, and manages to make it seem like he wasn't involved in any way whatsoever. That sneaky git.


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