Man of Steel "lights In the Sky" update

Man of Steel "lights In the Sky" update

Scheduled filming at the Kent farm for Batman vs. Superman.

UPDATE: Batman Vs Superman will be filming at the “Kent Farm!” Here’s what we have found out, so far.

Construction will begin in about a month-ish’s time on the location of the Kent Farm (Yorkville, IL.) The Kent house, disassembled when production wrapped on Man of Steel, is expected to be resurrected again. The barn is still there. The area where the house stood is flagged off. Filming will occur a couple of months down the road following construction start up. Filming isn't expected to be long- only a few days. As for cast that will be present: Diane Lane’s and Henry Cavill’s names were mentioned.

We will continue to work through the secrecy and update as we go along. It’s not exactly easy to keep a movie of this scale a secret from everyone! Lol

Note: Security is on site 24/7. He has his own camper. There are “no trespassing” signs up. Don’t go on the property. It might result in a visit from someone driving a blue light special. This is what we have at the moment!

Image ctsy of LeAnna W.

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