Possible New MAN OF STEEL 2 Tidbits

Possible New MAN OF STEEL 2 Tidbits

"Jett" over at Batman On Film has had some solid information on past Bat-flicks, and he's now posted his 2014 mailbag in which he answers fan's questions. Much is speculation, but there may well be a few interesting nuggets of insider info sprinkled around too.

"Jett" has had some solid Batman related scoops in the past, and he's also been mistaken on a couple of occasions - so take the following however you wish. He answers the majority of the fan questions with his own guesses and opinions, but there is also the occasional "I've heard" or "I've been told" in there too so that stuff might be worth paying attention to. Anyway, here are the highlights, with thanks to our friends over at CBT for sifting through bullet pointing the info.

- Jason Mamoa will not be Martian Manhunter or Aquaman. Neither character is in the film.

- Wonder Woman could have “cameo plus” type role in the film, on par with what Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow did in Iron Man 2

- Expects the first look at Ben Affleck in early 2014 right around the time they will start filming in February.

- Has been told that the film is truly a Superman sequel and not a secret Justice League film like everyone suspects.

- Thinks that Arrow being included in the DC Movie Universe is wishful thinking.

- Believes we will get another Superman sequel without any other DC characters.

- Character wise he expects Batman to be, “ a healthy amount of Dark Knight Returns, a bit of Kingdom Come, and just a dash of Batman Beyond.”

- No Batman villains will be included.

- Doesn’t expect any shade of blue or tights for the Batsuit. More armor with Beyond and or Kingdom Come capabilities.

So there you have it. Some we knew already (No Bat-villains), some we could have guessed anyway (Glorified cameo for Wonder Woman), but there are some interesting new tidbits there too. What do you guys make of all of this? Sound off in the usual place.
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