Potentially MAJOR SPOILER Revealed For BATMAN v SUPERMAN At This Year's Toy Fair

Potentially <font color=red>MAJOR SPOILER</font> Revealed For BATMAN v SUPERMAN At This Year's Toy Fair

We all know how misleading toys can be, but this new Batman v Superman action figure may spill the beans on the fate of a major character, and could explain what's to come in David Ayer's Suicide Squad...

Warner Bros. pretty much already spoiled what happens to Lex Luthor at the end of Batman v Superman when the first official image of Jesse Eisenberg as the villain showed him with no hair and wearing what looked an awful lot like a prison jump suit. Well, thanks to this action figure on display at this year's Toy Fair, we now know that he will indeed be behind bars by the time the credits roll.

However, the fact he's in chains is definitely surprising and seems to indicate that Luthor commits a pretty damn awful crime to warrent such treatment. Plus, him being behind bars would explain reports that Eisenberg is going to show up in Suicide Squad; will Amanda Waller approach him to join Task Force X? That remains to be seen, but be sure let us know your thoughts in the usual place. 

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