Product Placement in Batman V Superman. Is it an improvement on MoS, or even worse?

Product Placement in Batman V Superman. Is it an improvement on MoS, or even worse?

Product Placement in Batman V Superman. Is it an improvement on MoS, or even worse?

Batman V Superman is basically Man of Steel x10. The good, the bad, everything is multiplied here. But what about the product placement? Have they again gone too far, or have they improved over Man of Steel in this regard?

Let me preface this by giving some detail about my experience sitting in the theatre waiting for Batman V Superman to start. 

I arrived 5 minutes early to settle in to my IMAX 3D showing with my popcorn, Fruitopia, and bag of Lifesaver gummies. Suddenly it is 1:20pm and the theatre goes dark. In my head I am thinking "bring on the Civil War trailer in IMAX 3D!", but to my dismay, what felt like 15 minutes of TV commercials overtake the massive screen... 

I was forced to watch about 5 or 6 car commercials before the previews began, each more cliched than the last. Finally the trailers start (including Civil War!), then the movie finally begins...

After a brief opening sequence the movie picks up at the end of Man of Steel and what do I witness? ANOTHER CAR COMMERCIAL! But this one features Bruce Wayne driving a Jeep through the destruction at the end of Man of Steel. Look at the handling as he avoids explosions and rubble! He glides across lanes, makes perfect turns, and even drives through an explosion perfectly unscathed! What a beautiful, well handling, safe car! Perfect for navigating the urban streets of a 911 attack! Terrorism doesn’t bother me, as long as I have my Jeep!


... Wow. I couldn’t believe it. This is the iHop and Sears product placement from Man of Steel times ten. I figured that alone must have payed for 25% of the budget of this movie. Maybe they just got it over with early and the rest of the movie will have a lot more dignity.

I was wrong. Suddenly Lex Luthor breaks out in to a completely unwarranted Jolly Rancher commercial.

As Lex licks his fingers and explains how great the Cherry flavour is I almost throw up in my mouth. This occurs a few more times in this movie, but this isn’t a review. There are enough of those floating around.

Sure, the product placement isn't the worst thing about this movie (characterization and pacing are), I just felt the need to bring this up to everyones attention and get some feed back. Did this bother you? Has BvS gone too far with product placement? Is this worse than the use in Man of Steel? Did any other blatant product placements bother you?

This is my first and probably last article. Just figured I would try this site out. Thank you for your time.

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