RUMOR: Details of Ben Affleck's Character in Upcoming BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Movie Revealed?

RUMOR: Details of Ben Affleck's Character in Upcoming BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Movie Revealed?

Are these the leaked details of the Caped Crusader that Ben Affleck will be portraying in the Man of Steel sequel? You decide if we've been scooped or duped after the jump... have posted an article claiming to know intimate details about the Batman/Bruce Wayne that we will be seeing in the highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel coming in May 2016. As reliable as the editor, The Anonymous Man, sounds, I recommend you take these claims with the usual grain of salt

Many fans of the upcoming production may have mixed feelings about the list found below, as some of the claims range from shocking to very exciting.

Please remember that any rumor, however outlandish it may sound, is a potential SPOILER so, you've been warned.

• BatFleck will be 40 years old, retired.

• The Batsuit and Batmobile are A...MA...ZING!!!!

• Except for several details, the events that took place in the NolanVerse are going to be Canon. Thalia's involvement in the events of TDKR will not be canon, the supposed death of Bane is also not canon. Other small details are made non-canon. 

• After the events of TDKR, BatFleck retired to rebuild Gotham as Bruce Wayne. Robin (in the TDKR but not played by JGL) becomes his first protege as NightWing. There is a 7-year time period between the event in the TDKR and MoS. So, BatFleck has been retired for 7 years. 

• During this time, knowing that crime needs to be dealt with, BatFleck constituted the BatFamily: NightWing, BatWing, BatGirl, RedRobin and Robin. The latter died at the hand of The Joker who escaped during the TDKR's event but then reappeared. As a way of getting BatFleck's attention, the Joker devised a plan to attack one of his proteges. He targeted the youngest and less experienced one - Robin. He killed him and BatFleck has been blaming himself day and night for it, this sets up a Batman: Under The Red Hood solo movie. 

• In addition to his [Bat Family], BatFleck has launched a bunch of BatDrones & BatAndroids ("[Bat Army]") Bruce Wayne is one of the most influential man on the planet due to his rebuilding agenda in Gotham, and the rise of Wayne Enterprises. 

• Gotham City is basically led by [Bruce Wayne & Wayne Enterprises] by day and the [Bat Family] & [Bat Army] by night. Bruce Wayne has to find time to manage both sides. And, he does. There have been speculation that Bruce Wayne is an ally of the Batman. Bruce admits that he's been "financing" the Batman. But, he says he's never actually met the Batman. He argues that the Batman is making Gotham City a safer place. He argues that without the Batman, Gotham would have been destroyed. This is, of course, the general consensus in the populace. Hence, the fact that he's siding with Batman does not really raise any concerns. 

• After the TDKR's event and before MoS, Gotham city is internationally known as the Batman's City. The Batman became an international Legend, the Bat symbol is now viewed as a symbol of Justice, Defiance, and Courage. People are increasingly believing that BatFleck's still alive and kicking...watching over Gotham as a guardian angel. The authorities don't like this, they don't like how the mythos of this vigilante is making them look like a bunch of P****. They would like to put a stop to the [Bat Family] and the [Bat Army]. In other words, the Batman is an embarrassment to them, he's a problem. 

• BatFleck is concerned by the events of MoS. Bane's terror in Gotham is still fresh in his memory; the reconstruction of Gotham is not completely done. Everyone saw what this alien is capable of. BatFleck is the world's greatest Detective and Prep. Expert; he decides to research every single details there is to know about Kal-El. 

• Bruce Wayne wants to get involved with the reconstruction of Metropolis. This means that Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp have to work together. He's not thrilled about it but it's for the greater good.

Well, there you have it. Let us know what you like, love, and/or, hate? Does this scoop read more like shot-in-the-dark predictions, a fanboy's wishlist, or, the real deal to you? Make your decisions known in the usual place, and, thanks for reading.

The tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, with Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, and Jeremy Irons. The film is set for release on May 6, 2016.
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