SPOILER WARNING: Here's What 'Aquaman' Gets Up To In BATMAN v SUPERMAN

<font color=red>SPOILER WARNING:</font> Here's What 'Aquaman' Gets Up To In BATMAN v SUPERMAN

Following the reveal of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Aquaman by director Zack Snyder last night, we now have some details on the role that the King of the Seven Seas will play in the movie, and it sounds minor to say the least. Hit the jump for all of the spoilery details...

Badass Digest have a piece up looking at the possible meaning behind that "Unite The Seven" tag on the Aquaman character image released by Zack Snyder last night (the popular theories are that it either refers to the seven members of the Justice League or the Seven Seas), but they also drop some interesting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice details. In the shooting script they claim to have seen, Aquaman has only a very small role, making it all the more surpising that an official look at the character would be released over a year before the release of the movie itself.

The site reveals that "Aquaman is barely even present, showing up only in a survey of metahumans by Lex Luthor and then again at the very ending, when Batman recruits him for the Justice League." They add that The Flash also has only a very small role, something we've heard a number of times in the past. What's interesting about this information (if true) is that Lex Luthor will know of the world's superpowered individuals - using him to introduce them to moviegoers makes sense - and that it's Batman who puts together the Justice League. What do you guys think? 
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