UPDATE: Jason Momoa Denies Reports That He Will Star In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

<font color=red>UPDATE:</font> Jason Momoa Denies Reports That He Will Star In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

According to a new report, Jason Momoa will NOT be starring in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel follow-up (tentatively titled Batman Vs. Superman) as Doomsday, Metallo or anyone else. The source? The Game of Thrones actor himself! Hit the jump for further details...

IGN just spoke to Jason Momoa about his remarkable new series for Sundance, The Red Road, and despite rumors, he is not in Man of Steel 2 aka Batman vs. Superman.

That's all there is for now, but we'll be sure to bring you his exact quotes as soon the site updates their post. It's worth noting that this is far from the first time an actor has denied being involved with a movie (e.g. Paul Rudd and Ant-Man), but Momoa did once pass up on the opportunity to star in Guardians of the Galaxy, so perhaps comic book adaptations aren't his thing?

UPDATE: The site has now updated their story, and the Game of Thrones star is quoted as saying, "It's just rumors. It's flattering. I want to say something amazing, but I can't comment on rumors. I'm not involved in it. Maybe someone said, 'You should be in this!' and I said, 'Yeah that would be great!' And it just went too far." What do you guys think?
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