Why BATMAN/SUPERMAN Should Be Cancelled

Why BATMAN/SUPERMAN Should Be Cancelled

Tonight, as Christmas looms and all is cheerful, I sign my death warrant as I tell you just why I think DC's potential classic shouldn't even make it past the drawing board. Hit the jump to see just what the problem is...

Disclaimer: This editorial is not hating/trolling DC fans, as a comic book fan I can't wait for World's Finest/BvS. Man of Steel was a great film that has given WBDC a platform to build on, that's what I want to see. Seeing the two put there differences aside and teaming up is going to be one of those cinematic moments I'll remember for life. This editorial is simply why I think DC should take a step back and prioritise. With all that said and done, you can now go and throw abuse at me.

Batman and Superman; the world's two most iconic heroes, undoubtedly responsible for the fame comic books have encountered over the years. And after 30 years of waiting, in 2015 the pair will finally meet on screen. But why will WB's finest hour not be the World's Finest? It's simple really and it all starts here...


DC's big field day takes place in 2015, or as it's also known, two thousand and Disney. Unless you haven't heard there are two other blockbuster films on their way in Disney's year. One is the follow up to the most successful comic book movie in history, The Avengers: Age of Ultron; the other? It's the follow up to the most successful and influential film franchise cinema has ever known, Star Wars: Episode VII, and unless Disney are taken over by some pacifists, it's going to be a pretty violent whirlwind promotional campaign for both films. Realistically, no one can beat the power of Disney, their our world's SkyNet, you can't beat it. On top of that there's always brand recognition, Marvel are hot right now and people will watch anything with the Marvel name attached to it (Even Agents of SHIELD). Which conveniently takes us around to our next point...

The Brand

For 5 years now the world has been bombarded by Disney, the red background and block white capitals are engraved in every 8 to 25 year old's brain in the western world. The fact of it is Marvel sells. DC? Sure the Nolan Trilogy was a success and Man of Steel made a lot, but they don't have the Avengers windfall or the RDJ boost.
DC have two options on this one. They can:
Take a shot in the dark and hope that the general audience just want more comic book action and ride on Marvel and Nolan's success; or they can,
Wait. Simple as that, they wait. Iron Man and Thor didn't team up in Iron Man 2, they had two solo films and doubled their profit. The same goes for DC, are people ever going to stop watching Batman films? No, never. The modern age of CBMs will go and come but Batman is eternal. Throw in Ben Affleck and you have a gold mine.
DC need to wait, it isn't about beating Marvel now, it should be about surpassing them in a number of years. Give crowds a Batfleck film first, then a Wonder Woman or Flash (Maybe even a Martian Manhunter or Aquaman) because we do have to remember...

This is a Superman film

So far we know that, we have Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, we're probably going to get Metallo, Flash and maybe even Nightwing and Aquaman. But stop! This is Man of Steel 2, not Man of Steel and Various Assorted Others. How about we just get Metallo, the man made of steel, against Kal El, the Man of Steel? In the last few years we fans have continually wanted the bar raised. Don't you remember Spider-Man 2? Rami's masterpiece, with just ONE villain? Or Nolan's Dark Knight, perfection in every sense of the word, with one (truely brilliant) villain and a sub-plot with a minor villain?
Nowadays we want the Justice League right now, or the Infinity Gauntlet waved in front of us every other film.

In conclusion, I just want a great film, I don't want it now, I want it when Zach Snyder is sure that he has squeezed every last possible outcome to this film and picked the story to entertain the gods. Who knows what MoS2 will be like? It might be the best damn thing we've ever seen, maybe it'll achieve world peace.
All I know for sure is this, Marvel fan or DC fan, on opening night 99% percent of this site will be there come 2015, and whether it's a masterclass or a Green Lantern-esque escapade, we're gonna talk about it for years and analyse the crap out of it.
So whether it comes out in 2015 or 2050, just give us a great film Zach.

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