Why I Think The Superman Reveal Image Is FAKE

Why I Think The Superman Reveal Image Is FAKE

I did some digging around and realized that the new superman image released from Batman vs Superman look strangely familiar...

I say this to whoever has made this image, you did a damn good job ! When I saw this today i god super excited, but the more i looked at it, the more i started to realize this pose looks strangley familiar...

   As a person i am very familiar with photoshop and that tends to make me see things that ordinary people might not. For example, tools and techniqs that have been used. I did some digging around and found an old picture that was released way back before man of steel. I hope you don't think i am crazy, and i know you might not believe me because the "NEW" has many differences added. Such as the legs, cape, lower torso area, the belt, and the crest on his chest. I also tend not to believe things unlesss an official source releases/announces it.



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