Why SUPERMAN Movie Fans Have No Need to Worry

Why SUPERMAN Movie Fans Have No Need to Worry

Forbes writer, Mark Hughes explains why all Superman & DC fans should not be worried about the inclusion of other heroes in BATMAN v SUPERMAN:DOJ. Hit the Jump to see what he had to say.....

As we all know, Mark Hughes has been quite vocal with his opinions on Batman v Superman, In his latest article, he explains why all Man of Steel fans should not worry where WB's are taking the most iconic character in history.....

For months now, we've seen Superman fans asserting that Superman is being forgotten or pushed aside, that Warner appears to be abandoning Superman's franchise altogether, and that Superman's portrayal is suffering from lack of respect or faithfulness while headed toward even worse disrespect in the forms of mockery and beat-down at the hands of Batman.

The general conclusion these fans have reached is that Warner intends on turning Superman into a sort of patsy, with Batman being the dominant character and representing arguments "debunking" the ideals Superman stands for, in a series of nothing but team-up movies that essentially ignore Superman.

Warner knows that teaming up Superman with Batman in the next film and then having him star in Justice League means the Superman franchise is about to get a huge boost. If Thor can get a big enough boost after The Avengers to nearly match Superman's box office, and Captain America - a guy dressed up as an American flag and supposedly representing old fashioned ideals and moral sentiments - can end up surpassing Superman and almost everyone else at the box office in the aftermath of Marvel's shared-world post-Avengers marketing machine, how much do you think Warner assumes Superman will make after a Justice League boost?

Don't bother getting your calculator out, I'll just tell you the answer is "a lot." If Superman enjoyed the same sort of boost Thor received, that would put Superman's next lone outing at more than $950 million.

But even Superman only got half the God of Thunder's box office bump, that would still push Superman over the $800 million mark when flying solo. Realistically, though, it's likely that Superman would perform far better in the aftermath of the coming team-up films.

WB's may have a different plan to Marvel's successful franchise to include Team-Up movies which would allow them to introduce DC characters a lot faster than doing one character based films. DC fans would be more than happy to see more of their favorite characters on the big screen.

I would love to see a Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up movie as well as a Wonder Woman/Aquaman movie. Which ever way they decide, It's going to be....one hell of a ride.

So what do you think?

Which characters would you like to see in a Team-Up movie?

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