Don't Look For Any Avengers To Show Up In Big Hero 6

Don't Look For Any Avengers To Show Up In Big Hero 6

One half of the director duo in charge of Disney's first animated Marvel film comments on building a universe around Big Hero 6 while carving out it's own personal corner in the Marvel Universe

With the latest issue of Total Film set to be released soon, Big Hero 6 director Don Hall sat down with the magazine to discuss his movie's place (or lack thereof) in the ever expanding Marvel Universe
"Very early on, when we were collaborating with Marvel, the decision was made to intentionally not connect it to the Marvel universe.

Everybody felt like it would be great for us to take this idea of theirs and make our own universe with it. Marvel really encouraged us to do that. So there'll be no Iron Man or Captain America, and no Avengers in this world.

Our Avengers are the Big Hero 6"

Well there you have it.  Not too surprising given the fact that obviously Big Hero 6 will be operating in an amalgamated version of Earth.  But what is interesting is Hall stating they're attempting to create they're own universe with the team operating as that universe's Avengers.  What other obscure Marvel characters would you like to see pop up in any Big Hero 6 sequel or spin off?

With a cast that so far includes T. J. Miller, Jamie Chung and Maya Rudolph, Big Hero 6 was directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams and will be released on November 7, 2014
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