Harley Quinn Reportedly Won't Return In THE SUICIDE SQUAD As WB Scraps Jared Leto's JOKER Movies

Harley Quinn Reportedly Won't Return In THE SUICIDE SQUAD As WB Scraps Jared Leto's JOKER Movies

According to a new report, Harley Quinn's future after Birds of Prey is very much up in the air, especially now that both The Joker and The Joker vs. Harley Quinn have been scrapped by Warner Bros.!

According to Forbes, we can forget about seeing Harley Quinn in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. While a number of outlets claimed that some familiar faces could return, it was also reported at the time that the filmmaker was essentially planning to reboot the franchise (and it would be something of a backward step for Harley to rejoin Task Force X, regardless). 

The site goes on to reveal that those rumours about Gotham City Sirens crossing over with Birds of Prey in some way are false, while Batgirl won't be tied to the female-led team-up at this time. 

As for Harley's future, that Joker vs. Harley Quinn movie and Jared Leto's solo spinoff have both been scrapped by Warner Bros. and that's really not a huge surprise given the negative response to his take on the Clown Prince of Crime. He also appears to have moved on from the role after being cast in Morbius, The Living Vampire

So, some interesting updates here and it's now apparent that Margot Robbie's future as Harley Quinn isn't set in stone quite as much as we thought. However, should Birds of Prey be a hit, we're bound to see more of her moving forward.

Warner Bros. has made a conscious effort to move away from interconnected movies so everything her does make sense. Are you guys disappointed by the apparent change of plans, though? 

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hi-res screenshots from the Birds of Prey footage reveal!

This is obviously Harley Quinn and it's good to see her trademark mallet here. I may be wrong about this, but have some of the tattoos on the back of her legs been removed since Suicide Squad?

Huntress has her crossbow here and that's obviously going to make a lot of comic book fans happy seeing as it's something she's always used in the source material. 

Is this Renee Montoya? If so, here's hoping Birds of Prey avoids taking us down the route of seeing a cop with a drinking problem because that's been done to death in countless movies over the years.

Well, Cassandra Cain certainly seems to have some issues as it really doesn't look like she's particularly popular if those insults were written by "friends."  She may have decorated it herself, though.

As good as it is to see Harley wielding that baseball bat, she's rocking a totally different costume here. This could be her new look throughout the movie or just one of many different outfits.

Based on what we see here, it definitely appears as if this version of Black Canary is going to be inspired by the New 52/Rebirth era versions but, as we see later, she does have fishnets...on her arms!

Well, Huntress definitely looks like a badass but her mask is nowhere to be seen and while there's a chance she'll suit up later on in the movie, Birds of Prey seems to be going for a grounded aesthetic.

This doesn't tell us much about Renee Montoya, but the character is expected to play a key role in the movie and it will be interesting to see how she's handled as there's a lot to pick from the comics.

Meet the Black Mask...minus the black mask! He certainly looks like a gangster and seeing as this is just a test video/cast reveal, there's nothing to say he won't don his skeletal visage at some point.

Huntress takes aim. Little is known about how this version of the character will differ from the source material, but she's unlikely to be Catwoman's daughter! 

This is Victor Zsasz, a classic Batman villain who covers his body with scars for every kill. We don't see any of those here but he definitely bears something of a resemblance to the comic book version.


Two more fairly unrevealing shots, but the second definitely gives us an idea of how Black Canary will be portrayed. After seeing so much of her on TV, I do wonder how her powers will differ visually.

A lot of fans are definitely going to be disappointed if Black Mask doesn't don his classic headpiece, as it really wouldn't be that hard to include. 

Cassandra Cain sounds like she will be the "MacGuffin" of Birds of Prey in the sense that the team will be trying to save her from Black Mask. Why she's so important hasn't been revealed yet, though. 

Well, he definitely looks like a psycho, right? 



This could prove to be a somewhat divisive take on Harley Quinn, especially among those hoping for a comic accurate costume. This is bound to be just one of many costumes in the movie, though!

What do you guys think about this first look at Birds of Prey? Share your thoughts in the comments section!
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