BLACK ADAM Star Dwayne Johnson Is Confident His Anti-Hero Would Lay Waste To The Justice League

BLACK ADAM Star Dwayne Johnson Is Confident His Anti-Hero Would Lay Waste To The Justice League

Somewhere down the line, Black Adam will clash with Shazam, but during a recent Q&A, Dwayne Johnson addressed the possibility of his anti-hero coming to blows with the entire Justice League. Check it out!

Yesterday, we told you that Dwayne Johnson had confirmed that Black Adam may not meet its July start date as planned due to COVID-19 concerns, but the wrestler turned actor continues talking up the DC Comics character he hopes to finally bring to the big screen next December. 

During the same Q&A with fans on Instagram, Johnson was asked if he believes Black Adam could defeat the entire Justice League. In the DC Universe, that's a group made up of names like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash, so they're a pretty formidable team. However, Johnson is confident that the magically powered anti-hero could handle them!

"'What chance does the Justice League have against an angry Black Adam?" he responded. "What’s that term, no chance in hell." [Laughs]!"

That's a bold statement, but it may speak to how powerful this version of the character will be in the DC Extended Universe. Unfortunately, given the standalone nature of this shared world moving forward, we'll probably only see him cross paths with Shazam in the near future, especially now the Justice League franchise has seemingly been shelved by Warner Bros. 

It's definitely going to be exciting finally seeing Black Adam in action, of course, and we now just have to hope that work on the movie starts as planned this summer. If not, there's a chance it could miss its planned December 2021 release date (there is, however, still time for it to meet that). 

Are you guys excited for Black Adam

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