Anthony Mackie Interested In BLACK PANTHER Role

Anthony Mackie Interested In BLACK PANTHER Role

UPDATED: With The Black Panther forthcoming, The Hurt Locker actor Anthony Mackie was recently questioned whether he'd be interested in filling the role of T'Challa. Check out what he says!

During a brief interview with HitFix, promoting Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, actor Anthony Mackie was informed about The Black Panther possibly being Marvel Studios' 2014 mystery film. And precisely questioned whether he'd be interested in portraying the King of Wakanda, T'Challa, Mackie essentially says he'd loved to.

"I was hoping I would be the Incredible Hulk, but that didn't work out," Mackie replied, laughing. "I would love to be a part of it. I love Black Panther and I love the story behind it. It would be cool to be a part of it."

UPDATE: In a separate interview with The Daily Beast, Anthony Mackie further expressed interest in the role of T'Challa, in addition to a potential, and suspected, direction the film could head.

If Black Panther is made into a movie, I would love for it to be along the lines of Batman. It has to be an adult action hero. I would love to be a part of it, though, and I would sign on to it today.

Anthony Mackie, 32, is personally one of my top 5 casting choices for T'Challa. Although the majority of his filmography doesn't exactly deem him fit for the role, hes dealt with action in The Hurt Locker. Anyhow, he's currently filming Pain and Gain with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson & Mark Wahlberg. What do you think?

Created by writer-editor Stan Lee & penciller-co-plotter Jack Kirby, “The Black Panther” (T'Challa) first appeared in “Fantastic Four #52,” and is the first black superhero in mainstream American comics. Back in January of 2011, Hollywood trades revealed that documentary writer Mark Bailey (“Ghosts of Abu Ghraib”) was hired to pen a live-action screenplay focused on the Wakandan king, for Marvel Studios. And recent claims indicate that “The Black Panther” adaptation could officiate Walt Disney Pictures' currently-untitled June 27, 2014 release date.

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