BLACK PANTHER: Check Out Some Awesome Concept Art!

BLACK PANTHER: Check Out Some Awesome Concept Art!

BLACK PANTHER: Check Out Some Awesome Concept Art!

Artist Keith Christensen has shared some of his fantastic work from Marvel's Black Panther with us and we thought you would want to take a look! Check out concept designs for Nakia, T'Challa, Zuri & more.

Artist Keith Christensen was kind enough to share over 30 peices of concept art he put together for Black Panther! Keith has been a concept artist on some very popular films, including The Dark Tower, Dunkirk, Ghost in the Shell, Logan, X-Men: Apocalypse, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and many more (check out his IMDB profile!). He's currently working on Avatar 2 and has also contributed to the upcoming Aquaman, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix films, which are both in post-production.

Christensen is a 21 year industry veteran who's also interested in history, archeology, and anthropology. Working on projects like Black Panther, where he gets to focus on multiple areas of interest, is a special treat.

Because there are so many peices of artwork to share, we've selected a few of our favorites and provided thumbnails and links to the rest. Click on the images for the larger versions!

Black Panther Concept Art

Black Panther Concept Art Dora

Black Panther Concept Art Nakia Headdress

Black Panther Concet Art Zuri

Black Panther Concept Art T'Challa

1 3 4 5 Black_Panther Border_Tribe_1 Border_Tribe_2 Citadel_Guard_1 Citadel_Guard_2 Dora_1 Dora_2 Dora_3 Dora_4 MBaku_1 Nakia_1 Nakia_2 Nakia_3 Nakia_4 Nakia_Headress Nakia_Scarves_1 Royal_Guard_1 Royal_Guard_2 Royal_Guard_3 Shields TCHALLA_1 TCHALLA_2 TCHALLA_3 TCHALLA_4 Wakabi_1 Wakabi_2 Zuri_1

What do you think of Keith Christensen's concept art for Black Panther? Do any of them look familiar? Let us know your thoughts in the comment area below!
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