BLACK PANTHER: Erik Killmonger Looks A Lot Like The Predator In This Terrifying Batch Of Concept Art

BLACK PANTHER: Erik Killmonger Looks A Lot Like The Predator In This Terrifying Batch Of Concept Art

BLACK PANTHER: Erik Killmonger Looks A Lot Like The Predator In This Terrifying Batch Of Concept Art

In this new concept art from Black Panther, we see some startlingly different designs for Michael B. Jordan's Erik Killmonger both in terms of his costume and mask (some of which are really frightening).

Black Panther is now in theaters and it's breaking countless box office records. The movie feels like more than just Marvel's latest effort to expand its Cinematic Universe too because the cultural importance of the Ryan Coogler helmed release is massive and given the success it's found, it's clear that T'Challa is going to have a huge impact on the genre and could become the face of this world.

We've already taken a look at Erik Killmonger suited up as the Golden Jaguar but now it's time to put the focus on the villain in his combat gear and the mask he steals the first time he shows up in Black Panther. These alternate designs are much different to what ended up on the big screen and some of the masks will a) give you nightmares and b) instantly remind you of an iconic horror movie alien!

So, to check out the entire list of concept art, all you need to do is click on the buttons down below.

The Stuff Of Nightmares

Killmonger wears a mask in the comic books and this version sticks closely to the source material while also giving it a makeover to look like it's actually an African artefact of some sort that he's found.

A Lion's Mane

While this mask is somewhat similar to the version that we ended up seeing in Black Panther, the fact it essentially has a lion's mane is very interesting and ensures Killmonger stands out from the crowd.

Killmonger, The Predator

Erik Killmonger's rocking a very different look here but if that mask looks familiar, it's probably because it's pretty much identical to the one worn by the Predator in that series of horror movies. 

The Perfect Mask For A Great Villain


Marvel clearly went through a lot of different designs to come up with the perfect mask for Killmonger and while he only wears it for a single scene in the movie, it definitely made for a lasting visual.

Erik Killmonger Stands Tall



Here we see quite a few different takes on Killmonger and it's clear that Marvel put a lot of work into coming up with the right look for the character. His mask was obviously a major part of that. 

Crazy Mask Designs



Well, these are interesting! The first two masks above are totally different to what ended up making it into Black Panther but that's probably because Marvel explored a lot of different African imagery.

Wooden Masks



Once again, we're seeing some very different takes on Killmonger's mask here which would have given the villain a much different feel had they made it to the big screen in the critically acclaimed release.

Early Killmonger Sketches

While the big screen version of Killmonger has similarities to his comic book counterpart, these sketches provide a much more faithful take on one of T'Challa's most fearsome enemies. 

Welcome To The Jungle



These alternate takes on Killmonger show the villain walking through the jungle and sporting different combat gear and masks which definitely make him stand out and look like a formidable threat.

Ready For War

Marvel came up with the perfect look for Killmonger but this one also works and plays more on his military background. Those knives look like they would have been his signature weapons too.

Weapons At The Ready

This piece shows Killmonger rocking the two weapons he uses in Black Panther and it's fair to say that Marvel made the right choice by giving him two very different blades to do battle with T'Challa.

Killmonger, The Veteran

We know that Killmonger has a military background in Black Panther and this version of the villain pays tribute to that with his appearance and while it works, the final version was much better.

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