BLACK PANTHER: Head Back To Warrior Falls With This Gorgeous T'Challa And M'Baku Concept Art

BLACK PANTHER: Head Back To Warrior Falls With This Gorgeous T'Challa And M'Baku Concept Art

BLACK PANTHER: Head Back To Warrior Falls With This Gorgeous T'Challa And M'Baku Concept Art

T'Challa's battle with M'Baku at Warrior Falls was one of the best sequences in Black Panther and this amazing concept art offers some alternate takes on their tribal masks and their impressive costumes.

Black Panther is now in theaters and it's breaking countless box office records. The movie feels like more than just Marvel's latest effort to expand its Cinematic Universe too because the cultural importance of the Ryan Coogler helmed release is massive and given the success it's found, it's clear that T'Challa is going to have a huge impact on the genre and could become the face of this world.

To celebrate the movie's release last month, we're taking a look at some amazing Black Panther concept art and this latest batch focuses on Warrior Falls, T'Challa, Zuri, and M'Baku. 

From alternate mask designs for both warriors to costume alterations and surprising takes on Zuri and the leader of the Jabari, these pieces of artwork are all very cool and definitely give us plenty to talk about. Would Marvel have been better off going for a somewhat more traditional look for the King of Wakanda in his traditional Wakandan garb? We'll let you guys decide the answer to that question!

So, to check out the entire list of concept art, all you need to do is click on the buttons down below.

T'Challa's Ready For A Fight

This awesome piece of artwork shows how T'Challa's Warrior Falls look was brought to life on the big screen and it's fair to say that it's a cool look for the hero in the moments before he's crowned King.

M'Baku Lays Down The Gauntlet

M'Baku's Warrior Falls arrival comes as a surprise and he makes one hell of an entrance! While he's ultimately unsuccessful in his bid for the throne, it's clear that he has a big role to play in the MCU.

Zuri's Masks


Zuri has a very cool look in the movie but it could have been even more unique going by these designs. Just how practical those masks would have been is hard to say but they'd have looked cool! 

An Alternate Take On M'Baku

It's fair to say that Marvel came up with the perfect look for M'Baku in Black Panther but here we see a slightly different take on the villain turned hero which also has a fair few good points. 

More Alternate Zuri Designs


Zuri takes on the role of a Shaman of sorts in the Marvel movie and these takes on T'Challa's old friend stick a little closer to what we've come to expect from those types of characters on the big screen.

M'Baku, Leader Of The Jabari

M'Baku definitely stole the show in Black Panther and it helped that he made such a great first impression. Much of that had to do with his costume and here we see how that was dreamed up.

T'Challa's Mask





These masks are very similar to what ended up in the movie but are also different in some key ways. The version covering the top half of his mouth works really well but not as much as the final design.

M'Baku's Mask


M'Baku's mask makes for a frightening visual and while he has a costume in the comic books, it didn't really inspire what we ended up seeing on screen. These versions, meanwhile, are also very unique. 


By contrast, these two are possibly inspired by the source material as they're quite clearly based on various types of apes which is appropriate considering M'Baku was actually once known as Man-Ape.

Alternate Masks For Black Panther


Well, these are different! Marvel clearly considered various real-life African sources to come up with T'Challa's mask in Black Panther but these are a little plain and don't really get his Pather side across.



These, on the other hand, are much more animalistic and definitely provide an idea about where exactly the inspiration for the character's present-day look could have stemmed from. 

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