BLACK PANTHER Is Now Officially "Certified Fresh" On Rotten Tomatoes

BLACK PANTHER Is Now Officially "Certified Fresh" On Rotten Tomatoes

Well, this is hardly a surprise but it's still good to see! Rotten Tomatoes has confirmed that Black Panther has been "Certified Fresh" and you can find details on that - and its percentage score - here.

The signs are all pointing to Black Panther being a huge box office hit when it opens next Friday and after those glowing reviews, that really shouldn't come as a surprise. Rotten Tomatoes may be a divisive tool among some movie fans but I'm sure many of you will be happy to hear that Marvel's latest release is officially "Certified Fresh" with a score of 98% (there are only two Rotten reviews). 

Those are from the Irish Independent who claims Black Panther, "spirals into a stodgy tale of internecine feuding" and that "what he doesn't get to do much of is jump around beating-up bad guys." The other was published by Urban Cinefile and they note that "this mega-budget Marvel marvel might be a misfire for anyone beyond the fan-base." Well, the other 83 critics seemed to love it!

Love it or hate it, many moviegoers use Rotten Tomatoes to help them decide whether or not they should see a movie and this score is going to help Black Panther in a big way. The Critics Consensus reads, "Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories -- and introducing some of its most fully realized characters." Excited?

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