BLACK PANTHER Review Roundup: Find Out What The Critics Are Saying About Marvel Studios' Latest

BLACK PANTHER Review Roundup: Find Out What The Critics Are Saying About Marvel Studios' Latest

BLACK PANTHER Review Roundup: Find Out What The Critics Are Saying About Marvel Studios' Latest

You know what we thought of Marvel and Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, but what's the general consensus among the critics? Now that the embargo has lifted, you can check out their reactions after the jump...

The initial social media reactions to Black Panther were very positive overall, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise the learn that the full reviews have followed suit.

BLACK PANTHER Review: Marvel And Ryan Coogler Have Delivered A Superb Blockbuster With A Brain

The general consensus seems to be that Marvel and director Ryan Coogler have knocked T'Challa's first solo big-screen adventure out of the park, delivering an action-packed but thoughtful blockbuster with an array of well-rounded characters. Several of the reviews do list some pacing issues and an occasional overuse of CGI as negatives, but overall, it looks like Marvel Studios has unveiled yet another critical darling.

Will general audiences embrace the film the same way? We'll find out very soon! You'll find some of the reviews below, and can click HERE for the rest.

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The Wrap:
Like many of the best of the MCU movies, “Black Panther” doesn’t waste time laying out a lot of groundwork for films to come (still, stay for those closing credits) and it doesn’t assume that you’ve seen and memorized the previous 17 movies (still, if you have, you’ll pick up on a thing or two that others might miss). It’s already been announced that Black Panther will fight alongside the Avengers in the upcoming “Infinity War,” but here’s hoping he brings as much of his entourage with him as possible.

Black Panther is a tour de force, one of the smartest, most original action-packed blockbusters of the decade. This is bold and visually stunning filmmaking, unique and relevant in deeply emotional, truthful ways few films of the genre achieve. Believe the hype — Black Panther rules!

With uncanny timing, Marvel takes its superheroes into a domain they’ve never inhabited before and is all the better for it in Black Panther.

That Hashtag Show:
At two hours and 15 minutes long, Black Panther has a brisk pacing that constantly keeps things moving. Despite the length, the movie never drags on or feels bogged down since everything constantly goes back to world building.

Though Boseman’s pivots from dignity to delight on a dime, the screenplay (by Coogler and Joe Robert Cole) has trouble finding ways to emotionally engage with the character, all the way through an action climax whose humanity is outweighed by its CGI.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been pretty quiet on what’s coming after 2019’s still-untitled fourth Avengers film, but there’s no doubt that Black Panther is going to play a huge role in whatever is next. Black Panther feels like the beginning of something new.

Historical significance aside, what superhero fans want to know is how Black Panther compares with other Marvel not only holds its own, but improves on the formula..., from a politically engaged villain to an emotionally grounded final showdown.

This isn’t just one of the best movies in the MCU – it caps off the franchise’s best run of movies ever, which started last year with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If there’s a downside to Black Panther, it’s that it has to end eventually. Wakanda’s setting and characters made for a world that I never wanted to leave, and wanted to return to as soon as the credits started.

The Playlist:
Audiences may not care about these political and ethical questions one way or another, and ultimately, “Black Panther” is a hugely compelling crowdpleaser. A new leader has emerged in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he’ll be a force to reckoned with.

Black Nerd Girls
It’s everything I’ve ever desired in a live-action version of this popular superhero and yet so much more. Quite frankly, the experience is indescribable. I left the theater wanting to see this movie at least 10 more times. I already know that Black Panther‘s weight in gold at the box office will be in repeat viewings, because we just won’t want this cinematic experience to end.
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