Djimon Hounsou Has Comic Book Dreams That May Lead to Black Panther

Recently Djimon Hounsou announced he would be working on a "dream project" that's a comic book trilogy and supicions suspect Black Pather as a possibility.

During a press junket for "Never Back Down" Djimon Hounsou revealed he has signed to star in a comic book trilogy that he called his "Dream Project." Hounsou would not reveal futher details but rumors are beginning to surface that Black Panther could be a possiblitiy.

The Marvel character has been said to be in the works by Marvel's president of production Kevin Feige. Other names attached with Black Panther include John Singleton who in July was approached for the project while Tim Story, the director for Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, had said Honsou would be his first choice for the Panther.

As far as rumors go Black Panther is not the only possible candidate for Hounsou's dream project. Luke Cage could a likely possibility or perhaps it's the Tintin trilogy from directors Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Hopefully soon more solid confirmation will be revealed.
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