Djimon Hounsou Says It Would Be "An Honor" To Play BLACK PANTHER

Djimon Hounsou Says It Would Be "An Honor" To Play BLACK PANTHER

Djimon Hounsou Says It Would Be "An Honor" To Play BLACK PANTHER

Frequently fan cast for the role, and having already voiced the character in an animated series, Hounsou speaks in detail to MTV about the chances of playing T'Challa on the big screen, and how he thinks a movie should be approached..

Out of all the great actors brought up when anyone mentions a Black Panther movie, Djimon Hounsou's name still remains at the top of most fan's wish-list. The versatile actor has already provided the voice for T'Challa in a short lived animated series, but seems very interested in bringing the character to life on the silver screen as well. "Oh man. It would be an honor. I really think that it really transpires into all of the stuff that I’ve been wanting to do and I also dream about doing." The actor told MTV News in a recent interview. He added, "It definitely is a great story and 'Black Panther' would be quite amazing. But it needs to be done right and it needs to be done as well as the other ones."

By the other ones, Hounsou is of course talking about Marvel's previous movies, which have managed to maintain a very high level of quality - for the most part - right up to the best of them all, The Avengers. But when the possibility of a Black Panther movie has been brought up in the past, there have been naysayers. One, rather silly, argument was that the fictional Country of Wakanda would be a bit too much for audiences to accept, but Hounsou is against changing the setting..

"I think as far as Africa is concerned, you really have to create a fictional country and that country is a character within the story as well. You can’t go to Congo and say 'Oh, let’s make it Congo.' Congo is a war-torn country and it’s not stable! Not like the west."

So what does he think the chances of him being asked to step into the role are? "It’s left to Marvel and there are a lot of great actors out there ... but I think definitely it would be an honor to be asked to do that."

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