EDITORIAL: BLACK PANTHER Is Perfect Just The Way He Is...With A Few Minor Changes.

EDITORIAL: BLACK PANTHER Is Perfect Just The Way He Is...With A Few Minor Changes.

Some changes need to be made to update all Marvel Characters to the MCU, but in the case of the Black Panther so few alterations are needed. Read on for what I think could do with being updated, and what I think would be fine as it is.

The first article I read about the Black Panther on this website was about how to make Black Panther work in the Marvel Universe. And then proceded to create a film that has nothing to do with the Black Panther. 

Now I agree that changes have to be made to update all of these origin stories but the Black Panther and Wakanda are even more true to form now than they were. On the surface the black panther is a story about ancient cults, a mystical secret nation, and kings that are decided through combat. The thing is you don't have to get rid of too much of that to keep the essence of Wakanda.

What it could be about is the assassination of the true leader of a nation by an imperialist power to steal that reclusive nation's resources. The true successor is over seas, living under an assumed identity getting a post graduate degree and working at the UN and discovers his nation has been siezed by a military Junta. The film is about Assassination attempts on his life, the true nature of the assassination, T'Challa earning his crown, defeating and introducing important Wakandan's. The film could be used to introduce Roxxon Oil as a pawn of Hydra, and it could also be used to tie Captain America to the new Netflix TV shows and the greater Marvel Universe with T'Challa living and working in New York possibly training with Danny Rand and Matt Murdoch at the same gym. 

At the same time it could be a deeper political message about the first world's manipulation of the earth's resources, indigenous cultures, and the political tensions in Africa as well as our own racial issues in the US. Imagine a news real descirbing "New Military leader S'Yan calling himself the black panther, has issued a brutal regime in the small reclusive nation of Wakanda." Picture of a man in Berret and black glasses with tons of armed guards, one being crazy huge.

A CIA operative maybe Misty Knight or Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) Asking T'Challa "Why would Roxxon oil assassinate your father and attempt to kill you? There has to be oil in other nations?" "There is no oil in Wakanda, what they want is much more rare, and much more dangerous"

You could even set up a sequel about an attempted coup related to religious freedom, persecution, and ethnic differences by introducing the Erik Killmonger and Baron Macabre as leaders of one of the various tribes that T'Challa must defeat. 

Obviously, on the surface it would appear to be a Lion King like story, The uncle killing the father to take power, but in the end reveal that T'Challa, and T'Chan are actually being manipulated through threats by Hydra and Roxxon and their allies, Jakarra and the Jabari Clan.

In the end T'Challa could earn his thrown defeat Hydra and Roxxon, and protect the Vibranium for all time, but also create a democracy, limiting his power and returning to New York. Explaining why the leader of a country can travel the whole world. He could give a speech about how now the people of Wakanda were free for all time.

And then Alexander Lukin with the Assassin that killed T'Chaka sitting in a room watching a TV screen saying "We'll see about that" (Lukin is the Red Skull but save that reveal for Captain America 3, and the Assassin is Klaw but would have a very small role in the first film setting up a great sequel possibly a trilogy)

The Film could also be a great vehicle to introduce Amazing African actors. S'Yan could be Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 years a slave) Erik Killmonger, who would be called N'Jadaka because he'd be in Wakanda, could be played by Adewala Akinnouye-Agbaje (Lost) , Dayo Okeniyi could play T'Chan, Nonso Anozie would be perfect for the usurper and brother of T'Challa, Jakkara. And Of course Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa. M'Baku because he is supposed to be so huge could be played by a professional fighter like Jon Jones or Cheik Kongo, because he's not supposed to be a really deep character and used as mostly muscle this would fit like having GSP in the cameo in TWS.

I think this type of move described, is not only Marvel's style but it works with the MCU. And it's pretty much spot on with the original origin story.  So please We don't need to change the origin that much it still would fit with the MCU and still be a great film it needs to do what Iron Man, TWS did by tapping into real world issues (First world exploitation, Violent African regimes, New Revolutions in Africa) but in a fantastic way. And the Black Panther doesn't really have powers it's easy. It should be pitched as the Marvel Universe+ Last King of Scotland meets the Lion King and Batman. 
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