EXCLUSIVE: Mehcad Brooks Would Be Interested In Playing BLACK PANTHER

EXCLUSIVE: Mehcad Brooks Would Be Interested In Playing BLACK PANTHER

<font color=red>EXCLUSIVE</font>: Mehcad Brooks Would Be Interested In Playing BLACK PANTHER

In an exclusive interview with Mehcad Brooks (True Blood) of USA Network's Necessary Roughness the actor expresses interest in filling the role of T'Challa. Click the jump to check it out.

"Been a fan since I was a teen. It's such a great franchise."

Mehcad Brooks is an extremely talented actor. Currently you can watch him steal scene after scene in USA's drama Necessary Roughness in which he portrays Terrence "TK" King. Since day one I've felt that Mehcad Brooks would be a perfect choice for the King of Wakanda, and he was kind enough to give me an interview.

Do you think you have an advantage over other actors for a superhero role like Black Panther because you are in such good shape?
I'd love the opportunity to tackle the role. I keep myself In shape because I have always wanted to play a superhero and I always figured it was better to stay ready than to get ready. There's a lot of great choices for BP. I'd be honored to be in that group. And I'd apply laser focus to preparing for the role.

Black Panther typically has a reserved personality in the comic books. Do you think you would try to give him a little more personality to make sure your performance stands out?
I think every superhero needs personality. Especially in this day and age with all of the CGI. For the hero to stand out in this format he/she has to be charming, memorable, funny, engaged and engaging in a way that not only compliments the visual aspect of the effects, but also to stand out in front of all this wonderful technology at our disposal. So hell ya. I'd kill Black Panther.

What's your take on the character when he isn't in the costume?
He's African royalty so I see him as a James bond type out of the costume.

Were there any particular stories or villains that you'd most want to see in a Black Panther movie?
No. I leave that to the experts at Marvel!

Actors who are well known for their television roles have a hard time getting the opportunity to move to feature film? Agree or disagree?
Will Smith. Denzel Washington. Morgan Freeman. George Clooney. Clint Eastwood. Eddie Murphy. These guys did just fine.

If you landed the role of Black Panther you most certainly would at least make a cameo in The Avengers 2. Which actor from the cast would you most like to work with?
Robert Downey Jr. is the man.
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