RESPECT THREAD: Black Panther, the King of Wakanda

RESPECT THREAD: Black Panther, the King of Wakanda

RESPECT THREAD: Black Panther, the King of Wakanda

Let's take a look at some of the rather amazing feats and facts accomplished and associated with one of the most recent popular characters in recent years...the King of Wakanda himself...Black Panther.

''Take your best shot. I will offer no resistance. Then it will be my turn.''

- Black Panther


Fought and conquered the ancient Tiger God of Necropolis and, as a result, was granted its power to defeat Logos, a being who was created from the fusion of Chaos, Order and the In-Betweener who was powerful enough to defeat the Living Tribunal and the Celestials and corrupt “Lifebringer” Galactus.

SOURCE: The Ultimates 2 vol.2, #9 and #100 (2017)

Created his own field of science called Shadow Physics by combining quantum science and ancient Wakandan magic. In conjunction with the Nowhere Room (another of T'Challa's inventions), it allows instantaneous travel between parallel dimensions, alternate universes and the ability to locate Vibranium on a quantum level.

SOURCE: Doomwar vol.1, #5 (2013)

Using his fighting instincts and strategic genius to fight and kill a Super Skrull who had....
- Luke Cage's durability 
- Iron Fist's chi
- Bullseye's accuracy
- Wolverine' claws
And the combined fight skills of TChalla himself, Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Moon Knight, and Shang Chi.

SOURCE: Black Panther vol.4, #40 (2008)

Preps for the Fantastic Four and systematically incapacitates them one-by-one. He ends up taking all four down. (although It wasn’t until Wyatt Wingfoot freed them that they gained the upperhand).

SOURCE: Fantastic Four vol.1, #52 (1966)

Just a small sample of Wakandan tech and weaponry. 

SOURCE: Black Panther vol.3, #49 (2002)

Defeats Mephisto by severing his connection to his realm where Mephisto draws his power from. 

SOURCE: Black Panther vol.3, #5 (1999)

Comes up with a plan on the fly for defeating Thanos by using remnants of a broken cell that held
Anti-Man captive.

SOURCE: The Ultimates vol.2, #11 (2016)

Creates a device in 10 minutes that’s capable of dampening telekinetic and psionic powers. 

SOURCE: Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive vol.1, #529 (2012) 

Initiates his Galactus contingency protocols and uses it against Silver Surfer which required a device based on Doctor Doom’s technology that’s capable of absorbing Surfer’s Power Cosmic. 

SOURCE: Fantastic Four vol.1, #546 (2007)

Was the mastermind behind the plan that eventually led to the defeat of Emperor God Doom.

SOURCE: Secret Wars vol.1, #7 (2015)

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