AQUAMAN Director James Wan Once Pitched A BLADE Reboot To Marvel Studios

AQUAMAN Director James Wan Once Pitched A BLADE Reboot To Marvel Studios

Aquaman director James Wan has revealed in a new interview that he once pitched a Blade reboot to Marvel Studios, but it doesn't appear as if they were interested in bringing back the Living Vampire...

While Wesley Snipes continues to campaign for another Blade movie (which, let's face it, is never going to happen), Aquaman director James Wan has now revealed that he approached Marvel Studios a few years ago with a pitch to reboot the franchise.

"Years back, a couple of years back, I think it was right after The Conjuring that I went into a particular studio and told them ‘Hey, I’m a big fan of Blade. Would you guys be interested in rebooting Blade?’" While you might think that Marvel Studios would jump at the chance to hire Wan, he was a relatively inexperienced filmmaker in 2013.

Since then, he's obviously directed a sequel to The Conjuring along with a massively popular Fast and Furious movie. Regardless, Wan notes that the talks went anywhere and that's what ultimately led to him boarding Aquaman back in 2015. 
Asked what his idea was, Wan revealed that he can't actually remember. "I've done a lot since then, so I can't quite remember what I had thought of. But I did like it at the time."
It remains to be seen whether or not Blade will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut but Kevin Feige has previously said that he is interested in bringing the Living Vampire back, so we'll have to wait and see.

Do you think Marvel made a mistake by not having Wan helm a reboot? 
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