Spike puts a Stake in Blade TV Series

Jill Wagner, the actress who plays Krista Starr on "Blade: The Series" has leaked the news that "there will be no second season".

"Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you who supported me and Blade the Series. I was just informed today that there will be NO 2nd season of Blade the Series. I really enjoyed playing Krista and i hope that i did her justic at least for one season! However, that is not the end of Jill Wagner's acting career. I will keep you guys posted on what's next for me. Again i say thanks for the support. Hey, there is always the DVD right????"

The series looked good at first--starting off with strong numbers in the first part of the season, but lost viewers the longer it was on. With no more movies in the works, this looks to be the end of the franchise. Oh well, he still appears in the comics.
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