ComicsBorn&Bred's Pitch/Wish List: Blade in the MCU

ComicsBorn&Bred's Pitch/Wish List: Blade in the MCU

ComicsBorn&Bred's Pitch/Wish List: Blade in the MCU

The Punisher has recently just joined thew MCU. With the TV division becoming bigger and more diverse, I decided to make a pitch and/or wishlist for a certain day-walking vampire. Things are looking up for more heroes to be added to the Netflix medium and Blade is a prime candidate to be the next inductee.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming larger, more unique and a little more violent recently, as Punisher joined Daredevil season 2 yesterday. Punisher brings a whole new dynamic to the world of the MCU as he’s a hero/anti-hero (villain in some aspects) the likes of which this universe has never seen. Netflix has seemed to really embrace the darker side of the MCU with Daredevil being a hero of loose morals and Punisher being a man of little to none. There are other Marvel characters who exhibit these darker qualities just like The Man Without Fear and Frank Castle.
Blade is a storied and intriguing character who has been a popular Marvel hero for decades. The half-human, half vampire is a hunter of the undead and a protector of the living. He’s had three films, a (short-lived) live action television show and an anime miniseries. The first Blade film from back in 1998 can be argued to be one of the pioneering films for superhero cinema. With various media depictions and a celebrated history in the comics, Blade has shown that he’s an enduring and fascinating character.

It can argued, that Punisher’s involvement in Daredevil season 2, will lead to a solo TV series for Punisher in the near future. This series aligns with my own theory of a Netflix MCU Phase 2, taking place soon. In my opinion, this Phase 2 allows for the adaptation of a few darker Marvel heroes to get their own series such as Blade, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight (Marvel Knights). I’m most excited for Blade to receive his own series. Here’s my proposal for how he fits in the MCU and my wish list for what parts of hi mythos I want included.

*My proposal for Blade is very faithful to his comic book origins
*It’s also just a brief overview; doesn’t get incredibly into detail

Blade is born in 1920s London England to a prostitute named Tara Brooks. During a routine night, working the corner, Tara is kidnapped by a mysterious and terrifying figure. She’s taken to a secluded location where she is subjected to being bitten by the stealthy figure. Notably, Tara is already pregnant. This figure is revealed to be Deacon Frost, a vampire who dabbles in devilish genetic experiments. Frost explains that his experiment with Tara is meant to transform her child into a “god” of the underworld. Tara finds a way to escape and heads back to her place of employment, Madame Vanity’s Brothel. There, she goes into labor as the bite has somehow lead to complications. An emergency birth takes place and Tara dies in the process while her baby, Eric, survives. Deacon Frost watches from a distance.
Eric grows up in the brothel as the prostitutes raise him together. He develops abilities as he grows in age such as super strength, speed, agility, night vision, heightened senses, and a rapid healing factor. He also ages very slowly. He uses his powers to protect the ladies of the brothel from danger. However, Eric notices he has a thirst for blood during his teenage years. He fights hard not to succumb to it and especially not to harm the women of the brothel. He eventually begins feeding on the homeless at night. He can no longer fight the thirst and doesn’t feel as guilty feeding off the bums. One night in particular, while he’s feeding, he’s accosted by a man. The man almost kills him but notices that there’s something different about Eric when garlic doesn’t work on him. When morning comes he notices that Eric is unaffected by sunlight. Eric tells the man he doesn’t want to feed off humans but he can’t help it. He also informs him that his mother was bitten at birth but he never accepted that it could’ve been from a vampire. The man who spared him is named Jamal Afari. He is a musician and former vampire hunter. Eric can’t believe that vampires exist but Afari assures him that they do and that they are a dying race who stay hidden. He’s tracked down one of the last remaining powerful ones to London: Deacon Frost.
Afari gets Eric on a strict diet regimen of pig’s blood To combat his thirst. He also begins training Eric in combat and how to dispose of vampires. Eric detests that he’s part vampire. He figures he can use their strengths that he has to destroy what’s left of them.  Eric is dubbed Blade by Afari, due to his unmatched skill with a sword. Eric and Afari defeat many vampires over the years. Sometime later, blade and Afari encounter Frost at which time Frost admits to creating Blade and watching over him for years. He wants Blade to usher in a reign for the vampire race. Blade declines and seemingly defeats Frost. Not without a loss. Afari is bitten and Blade is forced to kill him. Frost is also seemingly defeated…but not for long.

Blade spends the next 70+ years getting rid of small hidden sects of vampires around the world. While traveling, he furthers his training in countries like China and Japan. He trains with Ogun Strong for example.  During his travels, he also encounters Quincy Harker's vampire-hunters. Now, in the modern day, Blade is a weary warrior. As he believes he’s wiped out most of the vampire population, he’s in for a rude awakening as a new supernatural threat looms over the world and vampires are returning.

*The new threat looming over the Earth is something I’m not entirely sure on. I’ll leave that to the talented writers of Marvel. But, if I were to choose it, Id’ make that threat Draconis, a daywalker like Blade who is meant to usher in the new reign that Frost had intended for Blade to bring about.
*I didn’t add Deacon Frost because I really view him as a given. This wish list is for subjects I’ve yet to see in most Blade live action media.

Blade is originally, British; The Wesley Snipes films would have you believe he’s from Detroit Michigan. I’m assuming that was done for other reasons. The MCU is littered with heroes who are mostly American or affiliated with the country. Save for Black Widow, there aren’t many foreign heroes. And even Black Widow refrains from using an accent or speaking Russian a lot. Blade being from England is something fresh. A hero from across the pond may have different perspectives, dialogue and other qualities compared to his mostly American counterparts. Having Blade be anything but British would be a bit of a “Muck up” as the British say.

The Nighstalkers are a team of paranormal investigators comprised of Hannibal King, Frank Drake, and Blade. What most people may not realize is that Doctor Strange created this team. They’ve taken of the likes of Lilith, Dracula, Varnae and even HYDRA’s supernatural division. Including this group in Blade’s Netflix series would allow for a connection to Doctor Strange, the supernatural crux of the MCU.

What makes Blade's mythology so enthralling is its connection to vampire folklore. Blade has been connected to characters related with vampire literature such a Rachel van-Helsing, great granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing and Quincy Harker, son of Jonathan Harker. It’s an interesting way to pay homage to the legends of vampires and their place in literary history.

A character I mentioned in my story proposal above, Afari is significant in Blade’s origins. The Blade films used a character named Abraham Whistler who created just for the movies. With Afari, you get Blade’s true and original mentor. Afari is a jazz trumpeter form Harlem who grew up fighting vampires. He eventually takes in Blade and trains him. Their relationship is similar to that of Daredevil & Stick except its less antagonistic. Blade and Afari have a deep respect and love for one another, especially after Afari’s death in the comics caused by Dracula.

Blade joined a vampire gang in his youth named The Bloodshadows. While with this gang, he defeated its leader, a powerful vampire named Lamia. He lost his girlfriend in the process. This is an event that propelled Blade to hunt vampires. It fortified his hatred of the undead. This is an important moment for Blade because it exemplifies his love of human life and is the catalyst for his vampire hunting.

These four men taught Blade how to hunt vampires. They expanded on what Afari originally showed Blade. They represent another facet of Blade’s training. Not only that, but they had a significant effect on Blade in the comics as they helped him stake Dracula for the first time. Most importantly, they trained Blade in various martial arts. What’s better than kickass martial arts?

The Blade Max series is a favorite comic run of mine. It ran some years ago and the dark tone fit Blade just right. It concentrated on Blade combating a new mutant species of vampire known as the Tryk, as well as dealing with a secret society that views him as the most dangerous vampire out there. This society wants Blade dead and this leads to an uneasy alliance with the new species of vampires he’s hunting. Blade Max wasn’t an amazing series but as a Blade fan, I think it served the character right. It was dark, gritty, and bloody. It was like a paranormal crime dram in some aspects. The artwork depicted Blade’s supernatural world in the perfect way.  A Netflix series should definitely try to emulate the tone of the Max series. 

Wish List: Fancast

Blade - Ashley Walters

Jamal Afari – Andre Braugher

Deacon Frost – Mark Strong

Tara Brooks – Thandie Newton

Draconis – Michael C. Hall

Quincy Harker – Malcom McDowell

Rachel Van Helsing - Jessica Brown Findlay

Hannibal King - Brendan Sexton III

Frank Drake - Desmond Harrington 

Ogun Strong - Will Yun Lee 

Musenda - Harold Perrineau

Orji Jones - Steve Harris

Azu- DB Woodside 

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